minus the sleaze or the stress

Stuck for email ideas? Here’s 80 of them. Fill in the blank style.

email MARKETING DOESN’T need to be hard, sleazy or boring

It can actually be the opposite.

Easy. Engaging. Entertaining.

Let me show you how…

Email marketing done right will free you from the busy, get sales and create more space in your life

Because you are in business to make a difference and have the freedom to do what you choose


You want to do it yourself but not alone.

You want me to tell you what to do so you can do go it.

You want to do it TOGETHER in just a day.

unicorns do exist

And congratulations you have found one!

A straight talking, truth telling email marketer.

I’m someone who is willing to buck the status-quo and say no to all of the “should” and “have to’s” that are so prevalent in the online landscape. And instead find the right mix of strategies that works for you and your business.

I also have the experience (15 years), qualifications (2 degrees) and the tenacity to help small business owners like you finally focus on the things that will get you the results.

Zero fluff guaranteed.



How to Get More Sales Without Feeling Salesy | Episode 22

How to Get More Sales Without Feeling Salesy | Episode 22

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7 things you need for a high converting lead page | Episode 21

7 things you need for a high converting lead page | Episode 21

Do you know what a lead page is? Maybe you’ve heard the term opt in. Or maybe the term lead magnet is more familiar. Or maybe sign-up page. Either way, they are all the same thing. And this episode is all about what you need to make a high converting lead page. There...

The ActiveCampaign Episode | Episode 20

The ActiveCampaign Episode | Episode 20

This episode is the first in a series all about the different email marketing options out there. I’ll be dropping one of these episodes every 2-3 weeks so you’ll still get your other email marketing inspiration but I felt it was important to include a deeper dive on...

I am so happy that I invested in marketing strategy with Yael. She stretched me in all the right places and now my branding, target market focus, messaging and website are finally in alignment with each other. I feel like I have so much more clarity now!”

Petra Manos –

“From my first call with Yael I felt very comfortable and confident she was the right marketing person for my business.

Working with her has not only helped me clarify my business purpose and find my niche but also has helped me overcome some of my fears of being more visible and actually being able to help others.
I love Yael’s relaxed and personalized approach to marketing. She tells you exactly what you need to do and how to prepare for the next step in your marketing strategy. One of my favorite things about working with Yael is that she is also a businesswoman and entrepreneur, so it is easy for her to relate to my techy questions and some of the common struggles we face as entrepreneurs in the first few years of our business.”
Lennis Perez, Wellness Coach


I hired Yael needing a plan and direction in what to do specifically for me and my business. There are a lot of options and information out there that can make you feel overwhelmed with a huge to-do list that can then get put in the too hard basket.

Yael helped me pinpoint my target market, brand messaging and consistent look and feel. As a result I am now booking clients that are definitely on-point with my target market!

I really enjoyed working with Yael and would highly recommend her services for anyone feeling overwhelmed with marketing and needing some clarity, direction and a tailored plan in place for their business.”

Sally Watson