Welcome back to Easy Email Marketing. 

Email marketing doesn’t have to be boring, and if you’ve got great engagement-driving emails, it certainly won’t be boring. In this episode, I’m unpacking 10 creative ways to quickly boost your email engagement.


Here’s a list of 10 creative ways to quickly boost your email engagement. Make sure you tune in to see how you can apply them in your business:

  1. Create a round up email way 
  2. Ask specific questions and say, you want a reply 
  3. Ask a question with two to three clickable answers 
  4. Use this or that, and ask for a reply 
  5. Click or reply to get a bonus gift
  6. Set a mini challenge and ask for a reply to say that they are in so that you can follow up. 
  7. Share a personal story and ask if they have experienced that too 
  8. Add in a video with an irresistible thumbnail, click to play button 
  9. Write a juicy blog or other content that your audience can’t resist but check out
  10. Use the PS.


If you want guidance with any of this, I cover these points in great depth with lessons, tech tutorials and even engagement email scripts you can use inside The Email Experience, my online email marketing membership that helps you serves your subscribers with open-worthy emails, surprisingly simple automation and offers that sell.

One step at a time.

So if you want that guidance to make the start, you can join anytime at yaelkeon.com/emailexperience/


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