Don’t think you are a good writer? Then this podcast episode is for you!

The truth is anyone can be a good writer. It just takes time, practice and a little guidance.

The good news? Email is the perfect place to practice your writing as it isn’t so “public”. It is with your trusted audience so you can use this space to get better and better.

So please don’t let the misconception that you “are not a good writer” stop you from sending emails.

But to help you out, I’m here to offer some of my favourite tips. Coming from someone who is not technically a writer but who has written and reviewed tens of thousands of emails.

This is NOT another piece of email marketing writing tips where they only talk about subject lines and layouts (I have different episodes for those).

Instead, inside this episode you’ll learn 15 practical tips to help you write the actual words and make them stand out.

From tone of voice to power words to email openers, you’ll get some advise you can take away and use today.

Resources mentioned:

Engaging Emails Course

Ep 101 – Email Design Essentials

Ep 42 – Spice up your Subject Lines

WordStream Power Words Article

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