One thing email marketing isn’t short of is things to do. There’s always a new idea or automation or something you want to add in.

Everyone has a great shiny new idea – especially when it comes to the world of list building.

We’re talking lead magnets, sign up forms, lead pages, webinars, quizzes, pdfs, challenges, etc.

It doesn’t take much googling of “how to grow your email list” to have 100s of ideas but no idea where to start.

Or you start with one, set it up and then you don’t get miraculous results straight away so instead of trying to drive more traffic to it or optimise it you just try the next brilliant idea and the one after that and the one after that.

That’s exactly how you end up doing a lot of work without much result.

Instead we want to make smart, layered decisions.

Inside The Email Experience program, I share 3 different layers of list building and how we should focus on just one at a time. And in this episode I’m sharing what those layers are and exactly what order you should be implementing them in.

So that you aren’t just chasing that next shiny object but instead getting the most out of your effort.


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