“Selling is a Service” <<< That’s all well and good to say but when it comes to crunch time during that promotion or sale, simply repeating that statement to yourself is not going to cut it. It’s kind of like saying willpower is the way to develop habits – simply just not enough.

The question then comes up – what can I do when I am feeling those selling mindset wobbles?

In this episode, I’m sharing 5 practical ways you can combat those nasty sales thoughts and feel confident in sending those emails.

You’ll learn:

  • Why just using a swipe file (or ChatGPT) will actually make you feel more sales-y
  • How knowing your numbers is really your secret weapon
  • What evidence to collect to give you that confidence boost you need

And my top recommended tactic if you know those negative thoughts are going to come up.

If you want more tips on selling in a feel good way, then I highly recommend grabbing my Everyday Email Sales course. Everyday Email Sales is not about big promotions or launches – instead these are the strategies you can use on a day to day basis in your email marketing. Grab it at yaelkeon.com/everyday


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