One of the biggest reasons I hear from my community for not emailing is that they don’t want to be “annoying” or “spammy”.

Well – there is a solution to that. Don’t be!

The trouble is just because we see a lot of sales or promotional emails, it doesn’t mean that that’s all email is for.

It can be so much more than that.

It can be a way to truly serve, connect and inspire your subscribers

And it can be a wonderful experience for you and your subscribers.

All you need to do is mix it up a bit with amazing content.

Here, I’m sharing five different styles of content that you can send to your subscribers so that they will excitedly open AND even send you thank you replies.

Have a read, choose what you want to try and send that email.



Marketing is becoming more and more about sharing stories. Stories connect, they encourage people to read and they help people make sense of complex topics.

A story can be something from your life or your business. It can be the story of one of your customers. Or it can be a metaphor or analogy that leads to a strong point.

They can be aspirational or relatable.

Anything that creates connection with your audience or helps them to understand a point.

While storytelling can be learnt, often there are people who have this gift naturally (like my Irish hubby!). If you have the gift, I highly encourage you to use it.

Email prompts:

        How I (or someone’s name) _____________

        X Things I learnt from _____________

        What ________ taught me about _________

        What do __________ and _____________ have in common?



Are you full of how to’s, top tips and step by steps? Then you are likely a helper.

This content style suits service-based businesses really well but can also work well for product-based businesses that have a topic around them (e.g. skincare) or a really well-defined niche (e.g. pets).

The challenge with this content type is to avoid making it overwhelming as we tend to want to just give, give, give.

Instead, it’s important to think about what will help get them the outcome or information they want quickest.

This content type can also lead really well into blog posts which you link to if you don’t want to include all the content in the email itself.

Email prompts:

        Top X Tips for ______________

        _____________ vs ______________: Which is right for you?

        X Things not to do when ________________

        ___________________ 101



There are people out there who just have this ability to make you heard, feel good and not alone in this world.

They seem to be able to tell you what you need to hear right in any given moment.

If you have this gift you should definitely use it in your emails.

Whether in every email or occasionally, this could be just the push your audience needs to take action.

You can use this in combination with story or it could just be a straight pep talk that someone needs to hear.

Email prompts:

        Why your ____________ isn’t working

        How ___________________ (example customer) __________________

        Want ____________ ? This is how

        You don’t have to _____________ anymore


Take your subscribers on an experience with you.

This can be a behind the scenes of your business, your life or your core brand values.

How much you share depends on your brand. For example, if your brand is all about living the lifestyle you desire then sharing your own lifestyle is important. Or if your brand is about fashion then showing pictures of yourself wearing the latest styles out and about is a perfect fit.

This is a great opportunity to show that you are just like your audience or what your audience aspires to be.

If you make your own products, sharing the behind the scenes process of creating your products by hand is a great way to show the value of what you create.

Or even better, involve your subscribers in the creation process by asking questions and getting feedback.

Email prompts:

        Behind the scenes of __________

        A look at my _______________ (process)

        That one time I __________________

        The story behind _________________



If you are someone who is “in the know”, who really enjoys keeping up with the latest news or are a go-to expert on a certain topic, use that to your advantage as an insider.

You can share breaking news in your industry and give your 2 cents on top of it.

You could start sending your own trends

Or you can share some opinions, musings or rants.

This content style suits rapidly growing industries where things change quickly like technology or fashion or marketing.

Email works really well for insiders as it can be delivered in a timely way and it doesn’t get outdated on your website.

Email prompts:

        X Things you didn’t know about ___________________

        Is _______ Total BS?

        The #1 thing your ___________ needs right now

        What no one will tell you about _______________



Email is a powerful tool to share your best content. And it’s not just for the latest news.

It’s a conversational medium that can be used to connect on a personal level.

It doesn’t need to be perfect or professionally written.

It just needs to have substance and to be sent with your ideal customer in mind.

And to have that impact, it needs to be sent. Hopefully one of these ideas will inspire you to do so.

If you still want more, make sure to check out my downloadable of 85+ email ideas, fill in the blank style. Grab it here.


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