Welcome back to Easy Email Marketing, I’m your host Yael Keon. Are you using emails when you’re launching? I’m just off the back of a launch for my signature membership, the Email Experience, and this week’s episode of Easy Email Marketing explores the five types of emails you can send when launching.


Most of the new members came from emails I sent during this launch phase, as opposed to ads or webinars!


Without giving too much away, here’s a sneak peek at the emails you can send during launching:

Email Type 1 – Engagement & Connection (Pre-launch)

Email Type 2 – Invitation emails

Email Type 3 – Reminder emails

Email Type 4 – Sales emails

Email Type 5 – Retargeting emails (automated or manual)


If you want my support and guidance with this, then The Email Experience is the place to get all of that. This online email marketing membership will help you serve your subscribers with open-worthy emails, surprisingly simple automation and offers that sell.

You can get on the waitlist anytime at yaelkeon.com/experience/


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I’ll see you in the next episode.


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