Turn up the volume with a small business marketing strategy that will get you heard. It’s Marketing: Amplified.

Are you a small business owner with a dazzling product or service but you’ve been so busy working in your business that your marketing has been put on the backburner?

Or perhaps you’ve been trying to create a strong online presence – you have a website and a social media page – but you’ve no real idea how they’re going to bring in customers or make a return on your investment.

Maybe you’ve planned to start learning but became swamped in the avalanche of confusing, misguided, or outdated information out there. It all seems so cookie cutter – and that’s the last thing you want.

You need connection and leveraging.

You need a very attractive price/performance ratio.

You need an actionable plan.

And you need to be held accountable so that you actually follow through.

It isn’t like chatting in a busy café over dinner with a bit of acoustic guitar in the background. It isn’t even as serene as getting to pitch in an elevator.

No, the online world is like a club with no noise restrictions – providing you with a deafening platform in which you’re desperately trying to be heard.

It’s no good shouting. Everyone is loud.

So, how do you amplify your message?

I’ve collated everything I’ve learned from 15 years running multi-million dollar, international companies’ marketing departments along with some hard won education running my own small business start up to create

a monthly membership community where you will learn the skills to create and execute your own individual

Online Small Business Marketing Strategy

The kind of strategy you have full control over, know back to front, and is the perfect fit for your business and brand… not anyone else’s.


I’m Yael Keon, a Marketing Strategist, showing small business owners how to enjoy more sales with less selling

How? I’ve created a method of building better business by creating valuable content and connection then leveraging to reach your ideal audience.

I believe in:

  • Maximum results for minimum effort
  • Ditching overwhelm and confusion
  • Gaining clarity about where you really want to be and what tools to use to get there
  • Creating a strategy that is flexible and individual for your business and relying on it every time you make a marketing decision
  • Taking imperfect action to gain quicker results
  • Learning from your mistakes and your wins to create even greater impact

I’ll teach you how to choose the perfect orchestra of promotional strategies – from social media, networking, SEO, public relations, content marketing, email marketing and more – to create a brand refrain so melodic, your ideal client will just have to stop and listen.


An online marketing community that will teach you what to do and then you’ll actually do it – with my support.


As soon as you sign up you’ll get access to the community and all existing content – with more good stuff added every single month.


Whether you love planning or fear it, I have you covered!

Using my own spin on marketing planning I’ll have you set with a marketing calendar that will have you focused and motivated to get things done.

Nothing is locked in though as we look at your plans every single quarter to make sure it is still aligned with your goals and the latest lessons learnt.

Every quarter, we have a planning party at the end of which you will know what you are going to focus on and when. Plus what marketing projects you’ll be working on in the background.

Every month, we’ll then go deeper and plan out all of your content for the month using your exclusive Amplified Marketing Map and Monthly Content Plan. No fear of staring at a blank screen again…

We’ll also block out your calendar so you make sure you get all your important projects done.

Key to this is looking at your numbers and knowing what is working for you and what isn’t. And with the Google Analytics tutorials and spreadsheet you get, this is made super simple.


Strategy & Skills

First we’ll uncover your ideal online marketing strategy through the Build your Online Marketing Strategy Masterclass. Each month you will get access to a LIVE masterclass covering a hot marketing topic. You’ll gain new knowledge but, more importantly, have some steps to follow.

You’ll also apply what you learn by participating in mini-challenges.

Past workshops (which you will have instant access to) include:

  • Marketing Planning
  • Target Market & Messaging
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Promotions Strategy
  • SEO Basics

With much more to come… every single month.

Personalised Coaching & Support

Think you’ll be left your own devices? Think again!

I’m here to support you every step of the way.

Each month there are 2 x Group Coaching calls (including international friendly hours) where I answer your most pressing question and tackle your challenges in the form of hot seat coaching.

Can’t make a call live? No problem, you can always pre-submit your questions and watch me answer on the replay.

But that’s not all. I’m also there for you in the Facebook Group answering your questions, reviewing your latest marketing endeavour and cheering you on.

This is a small community, so there is no fear that you will be lost in the crowd. If you have a question – I will answer it!

And, if you really want some solid 1 on 1 time, you’ll receive a nice discount on my popular Strategy Jam sessions.


With access to a Facebook Group full of like-minded small business owners, you can get the extra accountability and support you need.

A place where you can ask the type of questions you don’t feel comfortable sharing in just any Facebook Group.

A place where you can celebrate each other’s wins and have a vent when things aren’t going so great.

There are conversation prompts and weekly threads to keep you engaging, connecting and taking action.

Plus I’ll be there with extra tips, behind the scenes happenings and surprise Facebook Lives.


8 x Marketing Masterclasses (with 1 added every month)

Annual, Quarterly and Monthly Planning Sessions

Google Analytics Tutorials and Simple Spreadsheet

Amplified Marketing Map and Monthly Content Plan

2 x Group Coaching Calls a Month

Private Facebook Community

Group Accountability


No lock-in contracts. Cancel anytime.


That works out to 2 months free!

Claudia Harley

“Being a member of the Amplify Academy has been one of the best investments I’ve done for my business this year. Yael Keon has simplified the whole online marketing concept for me. I’m enjoying the community of like-minded women, the weekly check-ins to keep me accountable and the easy to understand workshops full of actionable steps. She helped me understand my target customer and improve my message, growing my Facebook following by 50% in 2 weeks after implementing it.”

Claudia Harley, Wellfulness

Trudi Taylor

“Since joining the Amplify Academy I have set goals and actually followed through with them.  I had been procrastinating over starting an email marketing strategy for over a year before I joined the Academy and I now have it in place and I am growing my email list.  I also have a marketing strategy in place, I map out my monthly marketing goals and I am achieving them.

Regular workshops and catch ups keep me motivated and I find I am not scrambling for content to post each week as I am clear on what message I want to focus on each month.

Yael provides such wonderful support and is very knowledgeable and generous with sharing her expertise.  

If I hadn’t joined the Amplified Academy I wouldn’t have a marketing strategy and I wouldn’t be achieving much.”

Trudi Taylor, Taylored Colour Concepts 

Tanya Rutherford

“As someone who has a billion (slight exaggeration) different things on the go, finding ongoing accountability support, informative AND implementable (realistic!) strategies has been perfect for me. Without Yael’s wisdom and consistency, I would not have my opt-in finally developed and ready to go! So excited to finally have the confidence to go out and conquer more of my marketing demons!”

Tanya Rutherford,

Who is your guide?

Hi, I’m Yael Keon, online marketing strategist, consultant, and creator of this program.

I have over 15 years marketing experience in both corporate and small business environments. From multi-national organisations to starting my very own consultancy.

I have a Bachelor’s of Commerce with a Double Major in Marketing & Advertising and a Masters of Business Administration (MBA). If those qualifications don’t float your boat, I’ve also spent the better part of the last 3 years studying (and testing) the latest in online marketing tactics.

My zone of genius is seeing the big picture and how all the puzzle pieces need to fit together to achieve a goal – something which I now guide small business owners through.

I’m based in Perth, Australia and am a FIFO wife, mum to 2 pre-schoolers and a Survivor superfan (yes, that show is still on).

If you commit, so will I. I’ll be there regularly to ensure you’re creating something that will get you discovered and grow with your business.

The skill set you’ll build will never be wasted, and even if you decide to outsource your marketing as well, you’ll know exactly what you should be expecting as a return on your investment and easily align all of your marketing and business strategies.

You might have made a start or not at all, but if you have a business and the drive and commitment to do the work, you’ll continually be adding new sets of tricks in your small business marketing repertoire.