If you are not using email marketing for anything other than the occasional sales promotion or sending abandoned carts, then the answer is a big fat yes.

Email marketing provides so much potential for you to get more sales out of your e-commerce store using one simple tool – automation.

Here are a few of the automations you want to add ASAP.

(Note: Not all email automations are available in all email marketing software. My recommendation for e-commerce is Klaviyo which can do all the below and so much more).


You may have a welcome email which is sent to someone who signs up for a 10% first purchase discount, but do you do any further follow-ups?

What about those who don’t buy after receiving their discount? 

Don’t make the assumption that they just aren’t interested.

Instead you should be following up with a few emails that encourage them to buy.

Here are a few ideas of things you can include:

  • Who you are / what makes your business and products different
  • Combatting the biggest excuse as to why someone doesn’t buy
  • Share testimonials or user generated content
  • Answer FAQs
  • Showcase your most popular products
  • Share any guarantees you have

Send these out over a couple of weeks and remove anyone who buys from the automation.


After someone buys from you, don’t miss the opportunity to provide amazing customer service, on autopilot, through email.

There are a few simple things you can send after someone makes a purchase:

  • Thank them for supporting your small business and family
  • Share how to get the most out of their product or how to style it
  • Tell them how to care for their product
  • Answer any FAQs you get
  • Ask them for a review
  • Offer them an upsell or “you might also like”

Once you’ve got your first one setup, take it up a notch by adding different post purchase automations for different product categories or even individual products.


If you have a consumable product like anything skincare then you NEED this automation in your life.

It’s simple. Think about how long it would take on average for someone to use your product. Then about two weeks before that send them an email asking if they “need a refill?”. Only if they haven’t purchased in the meantime of course.

This ensures your best customers come back time and time again.



Similar to the replenishment email, this automation is sent out after someone hasn’t purchased for X amount of time. The goal? To win them back!

You could send a simple “we’ve missed you” and showcase your new releases product category.

Or you can even offer them a special discount code. After all a repeat customer is so much easier to get than investing in marketing to get a new one.


The bottom line is, a good email marketing system should be paying for itself. Not just in the sales promotions you run now and then but using some of these simple to setup automations that will have you getting more sales on autopilot.


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