June 7th – 13th, 2021
Create & Launch your 5 Figure Signature Offer in just 7 Days!

You know that being known for one thing is what helps you stand out from all the noise in the online marketplace.

You also know it would make your life a heck of a lot easier if you could filter all your leads and subscribers into one key offer.

And you also know to create a truly scaled business and leveraged life, simplicity is key.

But what is the right offer for you? How can you use it to build the life you want? And how can you launch it with a resounding hell yes response from your audience?

Let’s get that sorted in the FREE Signature Offer Bootcamp where you will create & launch your 5 figure signature offer in a week.

Whether you have no idea what to offer or you have something that just isn’t converting how you would like, then this is for you!


Day 1: What type of signature offer is right for you?
Monday June 7th, 10am Perth / 12 noon Sydney / 10pm Sunday New York 

We’ll look at the pros and cons of courses, memberships, group programs, VIP Days and 1 on 1 Packages. Then we’ll do some marketing maths to figure out which one is the best choice to help you build your ideal business/life balance.

Day 2: The 3 secrets to making your signature offer stand out

Tuesday June 8th, 10am Perth / 12 noon Sydney / 10pm Monday New York 

On this day you’ll decide exactly who your offer is for, what transformation you can deliver and how to fit it with the rest of your current offers. In other words, how to position it so that it’s a no-brainer for your audience.

Day 3: Build your offer

Wednesday June 9th, 10am Perth / 12 noon Sydney / 10pm Tuesday New York 

You’ll map out exactly what you are going to include and (more importantly) what you won’t. By the end of this session you’ll be clear on how to add value without adding a tonne more things to your busy schedule.

Day 4: And your signature offer is…

Thursday June 10th, 10am Perth / 12 noon Sydney / 10pm Wednesday New York 

Today it all comes together. You’ll choose a name, a tagline and a price! Add this to the inclusions you mapped out yesterday and you are going to be ready to put it out into the world!

Day 5: Offer Reviews

Friday June 11th, 9.30am Perth / 11.30am Sydney / 9.30pm Thursday New York

This is your opportunity for me to review your offer or answer any questions to help you get unstuck.


Sunday June 13th 12 noon AWST / 2pm AEST / Midnight New York

Now you have an offer, it’s time to launch it!!

During this masterclass you will:

  • Build your first beta launch so you can validate your idea with real paying clients today
  • Set realistic launch and email list goals with my simple launch calculator
  • Learn the 3 key stages of a launch and what to send to your list at each stage
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