Some rules are meant to be broken.

But sometimes in entrepreneurial or small business circles we are told we should be confirming to a certain set of rules or ideals in order to be successful.

Wake up at 5am. Meditate. Journal. Yoga. No phones. No screen time before bed. Hustle in Pomodoros. Get the most out of every hour.

Honestly, it’s exhausting and after 6 years in business I’ve learnt to ignore a lot of it.

Inside this episode, I’m sharing 5 entrepreneurial rules that I break.

Think of this as your permission slip to reassess the shoulds and what will actually work for you.  

Because you created your business to help build the life you want – not to be put in a box.

This episode is in celebration of my new LIVE training I have coming up on Wednesday – just 2 days away from the time this episode drops

If you are feeling stuck in your service based or course creation business and you want to get your motivation and momentum back – then this is for you.

It’s called Get Unstuck: 7 simple, strategic shifts for busy, bored or burnt-out service providers to finally step into their potential.

We’ll be exploring 7 different things you can do that stop you feeling stagnant and everything feel easier.

From shifts across offers to time to marketing to sales, you’ll uncover at least 1 thing that could just make that big difference for you.

It’s happening live on Wednesday May 18th. With a limited time replay for those who can’t make it live.

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