Email marketing is not dead. These 8 business owners tell you what they love about email marketing to grow their business.


Hands up who’s thought email isn’t for you? I mean who wants to create “boring” newsletters or “spammy” sales emails? Not you! Email doesn’t have to be that way – it can be a fantastic way to stay connected with your audiences, leads and customers. It provides a means of giving value and sharing stories to those that are most interested in what you have to offer. But don’t take my word for it. Here are 8 small business owners from a variety of different industries and serving different audiences sharing how they use email and how it benefits their business. I hope this inspires you to finally give email a go!

Kate Toon

“I’d say that email marketing is one of the most powerful ways to connect with customers. Obviously you have to use SEO and other methods to get them on your list, but once you do you have a real opportunity. I have opt in offers on all my sites which give out really high quality checklists, and follow up with tips and advice. I focus on giving before I sell. I also use email collection to build waitlists for courses, and to communicate fortnightly with members of my SEO and Copywriting communities.”  

Tracy Harris – Mums with Hustle

“I love using email to build a deeper relationship with my online audience and give them a win in every email I send.  In addition to teaching through my emails, I also share my own journey, and I write as I speak because I want them to get to know me before they decide to work with me or someone else in my niche! It’s the same “me” they hear on my weekly podcast. It’s the same “me” they see rocking up bare-faced on Instagram Stories or posting on Instagram and Facebook! It’s me truly wanting to see them succeed, and I ask them questions too. They even write back! We are like pen-pals. ”  

Natalie Krivda-Jones – Digital Mums Directory

“Running a directory and keeping all my listing owners updated would be impossible without an automated email system. Each month I send an email out to my “Digital Mums” to let them know how the site is performing, what performed well and what new things we have coming up for the following months. ”   

Nicole Smith – Creative Mum Life

“Email allows me to attract the quality audience I was looking for and connect with them with loads of valuable content. “

Tracy OMeara Smith – Holistic Therapist, Silverdale Natural Therapy

“Email Marketing has worked wonders in not only continuing the relationship I have with my list and I simply love this. It’s the space I use to further educate about the benefits of Holistic Therapy. I communicate on a deeper level and share my insights and my list appreciate it. I’m always receiving positive feedback, feedback I probably wouldn’t normally receive.  I love the freedom email marketing gives me as I feel  I can share more of myself and what I do on this platform.”  

Keneena Fanning – Kablooie

“Email is a vital way of connecting with my community for me with my ecommerce business.  I particularly love using it to get feedback , and give my most committed customers new product news and behind the scenes information I don’t give to everyone else.  I also make sure my list get VIP privileges, codes and shopping access to make sure they feel special!”    

Sharon Pegrum – Writer and Content Creator

“It took me a long time to start sending a regular email out. Not because I didn’t understand the importance of email marketing but purely because I didn’t know what to say and I was hesitant to fill up people’s inboxes with more “stuff”. When I finally started doing it, it was partly out of necessity, my regular client list got bigger and I needed a way to update them all in an easy way. Now I send out a monthly update with what I have been up to, anything coming up that may impact them, a cool new tip or program I have discovered and dates that may be of interest to them for social media for the coming month. I have a mix of clients and non-clients and receive great feedback on how useful it is. I like having that regular connection in a helpful and non-salesly way.”

Tracey Davidson – Founder, Adventure Snacks

“I use email to welcome and nurture new subscribers through a sequence, automate a post-purchase sequence, automate abandoned cart emails, and send out emails about new products or any specials I have going on.  It benefits my business by having some tasks on auto-pilot, and also to get in front of my audience – it’s still the best way to reach them I think!”    

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