Oh the excitement of a new fresh year – the time when we overestimate what we can achieve.

When we want to write all the emails about all the things and have the best, most valuable content ever…

Please don’t do this.

You’re only setting yourself up for failure and ultimately end up not sending anywhere near as much as you want.

If at all.

Instead, in this episode I’m sharing how we can simplify your email content plans so you actually send those emails. 

Inside you’ll find 7 tips to not only make your email content writing plans achievable but also use them strategically to achieve your business goals. Oh and be sending emails your subscribers actually want to read.

If you want more support to plan out your email content for 2023 then you’ll also want to register for my free workshop happening on Feb 2nd.

During the 2023 Email Content Planning Workshop, I’ll take you through my step by step process for planning your full year of email content.

And the best part is you’ll be doing it live with me on this calling one quick sitting. And at the end you’ll have your own content calendar with your exact email plan.

To join, register at yaelkeon.com/content . There will be a limited time replay for those who cannot attend live.


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