“I have enough time.” Said no one ever.

Instead, we are caught in this cycle of trying to find more time in our days to do the things we think are important.

Email marketing often falls into that category – important but not urgent.

So it gets delayed. And delayed again.

But not anymore, I have an amazing guest joining us on the pod to help you start creating more time in your business (and your life).They call her The Time Creator. It’s Tash Guthrie is a time management & productivity educator, and the founder of The Time Creator planner, podcast, community and membership.

She believes that everyone has the power within them to live the life they truly desire, free of overwhelm, burden and stress. Tash helps busy women manage the multifaceted demands of their life, take control of their time and improve their productivity and time management skills, to ultimately create more time for the people and things they love most.

Tash’s mantra is ‘plan hard, live easy’ and this is reflected in her strategies for creating a purpose-driven, fulfilled life free from complication, stress and overwhelm.

Tash normally lives on a farm on the Far North Coast of NSW with her husband, 2 children, several chickens and 1 gorgeous cow. She is also a full-time primary school teacher. Currently, she is travelling Australia in her caravan.

And when Tash & her family literally pulled in to park their caravan in my driveway as they made it into Perth, we took the opportunity to have a chat!


In this episode we talk about:

  • Why people struggle to get those things done that they say are important
  • How we can create more time in our days
  • How to get started on big projects
  • How to make those regular tasks (like sending emails) a regular habit

We also explore the difference of going from limited time (working FT, kids, farm & business) to seemingly “unlimited” time while travelling – and how that actually has an impact on productivity.


Connect with Tash: https://www.tashguthrie.com.au/ or https://www.instagram.com/tashguthrie_timecreator/

Try The Time Creator Planner for free at https://tashguthrie.com.au/planner


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Wednesday May 18th, 10am Perth time.

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