I’m always on a quest for learning and trying new things… A little bit of an addiction and sometimes a bit of a problem! Call me an “opt-in junkie”!

But you know what: A.) I love it and B.) I feel like it’s my responsibility to learn and try #allthethings so you don’t have to!

Anyway here are a few of the discoveries I’ve made this month!



“Money Mindset”

A couple of big self discoveries this month… the first to do with mindset and “monetising” this business! To be honest I’ve been putting it off. For a number of reasons, but mostly because I’m due with Baby No. 2 in 10 weeks!! So my whole thinking is why bother trying hard before then, and instead just focus on building some great content and an audience! But then I get excited by #allthethings I mention above and not everything comes for free so I’ve had to start thinking about at least covering my costs, so I can have the “excuse” to spend.

But again, that’s not right is it… why should I need an excuse or a justification? Why do I feel that I need to “deserve” to start investing in me and my business? So while I’m certainly not over this thinking yet! I’m definitely aware and will be challenging myself more on this one!

“Just Ask”

Does anyone else try to do everything else themselves, wasting hours, before coming around to the conclusion they need to get help? Or do you have all these wonderful ideas for collaboration but are just too scared to ask? Call it fears from high-school coming back again! But this isn’t high school anymore! Most people are happy to help. In fact, most people WANT to help and are just waiting on other collaboration opportunities themselves.

So this has been my challenge to myself this past month, and you know what, I’ve not hit a hard “no” yet!! Vulnerability pays off!

Amazing Resources


Mums with Hustle Podcast & FB Group

So glad I stumbled upon this one. A wonderful Facebook Community full of collaboration, positivity and support. And then the podcast is a wonderful combination of real life business stories and business lessons on a huge range of topics. As a podcast addict, I can say I this is one of the best ones to listen to when it comes inspiring you and educating you on growing your business.


If you haven’t checked out my blog post earlier this week all about Pinterest, make sure you do so! I was highly doubtful of this as a social media platform, especially for an information-based business. But a number of convincing blog articles convinced me it was worth a try. And while yes, it does take time (an hour or two a week), it has now resulted in around 30% of my site visitors coming from Pinterest, to posts I published weeks ago. The trick is having the right post to draw this traffic so that might take some time to find! But once you find it, you can try to create similar posts and also leverage your popular posts to bring people into your sales track.


My new love 🙂 Here in Perth we are fortunate to have some wonderful Biz Mums start a coworking space, especially created for mums. BubDesk is a coworking space complete with a creche! So not only do I get same space & quiet to get work done – I get to network with other amazing women (much better than the dog) and my daughter loves to socialise in the creche (also much better than the dog, he prefers it much better that way).


What have you learnt this month? Anything you can recommend to the rest of us?