Social Media.

Content Marketing.

Email Marketing.

It just seems to much to do, consistently.

But what if I told you there was a way to make content creation for all three, easy.

Well in this weeks podcast episode, I have an amazing guest who is sharing exactly how.

This week’s episode is as special one as it is my first ever guest interview. And today we start with someone pretty amazing – Elizabeth McKenzie.

Tahryn Bolt is the Biz Wizard behind The Social Bolt. She’s a content wizard, a launch wizard AND a biz wizard (business coach for the muggles) – which makes her a tri-wizard aka a triple threat.

She supports her clients to share their magic and create wildly abundant offers, booked-up launches and magical content through 1:1 Business Coaching and her programs The School of Content Wizardry & Become a Launch Wizard.

And in the process she’s built a 6-figure business based around the things she loves and being authentic AF in the process.

I’ve known Tahryn for many years, I believe right near the start of her business – and it’s been amazing watching her growth during this time.

Personally, I love the way Tahryn talks about content. She just makes it sound simple and more importantly – fun!

Inside today’s episode we talk about:

  • What content marketing really is
  • How social media and email marketing work together
  • How to come up with an endless list of ideas
  • What’s better – batching or on the fly

And one big tip to take the pressure off constantly being in posting mode.

This episode is definitely for you if you are struggling to create content for all the different channels

This episode is full of inspiration and permission to be yourself – while still putting out consistent content.

Connect with Tahryn – or

Take her quiz: Discover Your Unique Blend of Content Magic:

Or grab her DIY Content Wizard bundle to help you with strategic content creation for your heart led business


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