Overwhelmed by the idea of creating content for your business? Then listen in!

In this episode I am joined by Jenny De Lacy of Talking Digital who is known for her content expertise which is why she was the perfect person to bring on board to help you breakthrough some of your content blocks.

Inside this episode we discuss:

  • How we overestimate what our audience knows and doesn’t know
  • Why just brainstorming a list of 52 ideas isn’t an effective strategy
  • How to simplify your content process so you don’t need to write everything fresh
  • Jenny’s FAST marketing method to help you showcase your brand personality and expertise
  • Why outsourcing your content writing to a third party agency is a bad idea

This episode is full of quick win email ideas which you will go away thinking “why didn’t I think of that”

It’s one you don’t want to miss!


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About Jenny

When you grow up being a showoff, a chatterbox and someone who loved people as much as Jenny did you quickly learn how to read a room and understand people. She honed her communication skills early! She turned those skills and a love of learning, into a marketing consulting career in 2015, after a 20+year corporate career in learning & development consulting, working for some of the biggest organisations in Australia.

She founded Talking Digital to give thought leaders and business owners and their teams, message clarity and the confidence and know-how to share it, to accelerate their visibility, attract more ideal clients, and achieve their business goals – without wasting time on marketing that doesn’t work! She loves to make marketing simple with her tools, models and techniques, and is inspired every day by her amazing clients and all they bring to the world.


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