Welcome back to Easy Email Marketing. In this episode, I’m exploring the basics of email marketing for eCommerce businesses. Don’t worry if you’re not an eCommerce business, this is one of three starter episodes Service businesses and digital product businesses, I’ve got you covered in episodes 3 and 4, right around the corner. And, there’s more crossover than you would realise when it comes to email marketing, so tune in to find out more.


Topics covered in this episode include:​ ​  

  • A reminder that this is big picture, and not to implement everything at once
  • How to grow your eCommerce email marketing list
  • Engaging and nurturing your list (and not just the newbies!) 
  • Email automation for eCommerce


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And don’t hesitate to get in touch to let me know what you thought of the show, and if you want to hear about a particular topic inside of email marketing.