Who else has that can’t be bothered vibe as it reaches the end of the year? And as a result you don’t feel you have the time or energy to create fresh content.

Maybe you have had a full on last few weeks and are just lacking the energy.

Or maybe you are so excited for your epic plans in 2023, but you just can’t quite talk about it yet…

While it is totally ok to take a small content break during the holiday period, I would still encourage you to be sending regular emails to your list. For a few key reasons:

  1. Once you get out of the habit it can be much harder to get back into it.
  2. Sending consistently is important for your sender reputation (which translates into your emails hitting the inbox – not spam)
  3. Inboxes are actually quieter – especially once it hits about the week before Christmas. So it’s your opportunity to more likely be seen

So what can you send – especially if you aren’t feeling it right now? 

Inside this episode, I’m sharing 15 different ideas. From super simple copy & paste to simple engagement getters to well-timed content.

Once you’ve had a listen you’ll feel motivated to write & schedule straight away so you can relax knowing your subscribers are looked after.

Want even more ideas? Makes sure to grab you 80+ Fill in the Blanks Email Ideas Freebie at yaelkeon.com/ideas 


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