Welcome back to Easy Email Marketing. 

A not-so-sexy topic today but one that definitely needs air time: deliverability.

Now, deliverability might not be front of mind, especially if you haven’t had any issues, but it’s not something that should be forgotten or ignored.


Inside, these are the factors I break down that contribute to good – or on the flip side, bad – deliverability:

  1. Sender reputation – that’s you!
  2. Domain reputation and authentication

So, although there’s only two factors, they’re really important to ensure your deliverability rates continue to grow.


If you want guidance with any of this, I cover these points in great depth with lessons, tech tutorials and even engagement email scripts you can use inside The Email Experience, my online email marketing membership that helps you serves your subscribers with open-worthy emails, surprisingly simple automation and offers that sell.

One step at a time.

So if you want that guidance to make the start, you can join anytime at yaelkeon.com/emailexperience/


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