the email

launch project

create a 5 figure launch for your program, course or membership with the simplicity &
power of email marketing


Ready to finally launch your course, group program or membership out into the world.

Or ready to finally have that breakthrough 5 figure launch instead of putting in all that work for little return.

You are ready to finally reduce your client load, quit that job or just spend more time with your kids (or watching Netflix).

That business lifestyle by that design that everyone tells you is  possible.

but you are stuck

With what to do or say.

With how to grow your email list large enough to create that scalable business.

With how to setup your tech and your launch so it all flows smoothly.

With finding the time to do it in the first place.

you don’t need another launching course

You don’t need to just learn how to do more things, have no idea how to apply it and then be left to your own devices

you need someone to ell you what to do and be there every step of the wayf

Someone who is just as invested in your launch as you are.

A mentor who has been there, many times, made the mistakes and learnt so many lessons along the way.

Someone who has the marketing credentials and the experience. And not just learnt how to do it for their business but not apply it elsewhere.


I can be your secret weapon

Hi, I’m Yael

Bachelors of Commerce, MBA and experienced marketer of almost 20 years.

I’m also an email expert having trained, coached and setup hundreds of email marketing systems.

Plus I’ve launched dozens of times in the past few years.

But more than that I’m a mum to 2 young kids (& a staffy x lab), FIFO wife (so solo parenting 3 weeks out of 4) and a major introvert.

From the beginning my business has been built with the value of spaciousness in mind. So I can be there at all the assemblies, take the days off when the kids are sick and parent help at kindy.

I also get how scary launching can be. Which is why I’m here to hold your hand and hold you accountable every step of the way.

Giving you ALL the tools and resources you need so that you can focus your energy on loving up your audience in a deeper way..

INTRODUCING THE email launch project

A group coaching experience.

A course.

A mastermind.

All in one.

With the simple goal of you launching your signature offer to 5 figures and beyond – using the power of email.


The Email Launch Project goes for 4 months, allowing plenty of time and space for you to build the momentum and trust with you audience while also giving you the time to build out your launch.

each fortnight you will…

receive specific training & action steps for that fortnight

We’ll go through each of the 3 phases below focusing on one topic a fortnight. This is not a theory based program, but action based so you’ll have the exact instructions and resources for what you need to do.

coaching & coworking

Then we will have a 3 hour coaching & coworking session where you’ll actually be doing the work and I am there to answer questions and keep you moving.

video reviews

You’ll also be submitting your work weekly to get personalised feedback from me.


HERE’S what we’ll be doing

phase 1 – pre-launch list building & momentum building


 The real power of the launch is in the runway. Getting your audience ready & excited to buy from you!

BUT depending on if you have launched before or not, we’ll sneak in a beta launch here so you validate your idea (and get some sales) before we go on.

During this phase, you will:

1. Uncover what your audience really needs from you and validate your offer idea

2. Set your launch goals, set your price and calculate exactly what size your list needs to be to get there

3. Re-engage and nurture your existing list to have them ready & eager for your launch

4.  Grow your email list with ease using my signature Amplified Marketing Method


PHASE 2 – LAUNCH with email


It’s action time! Now you & all the other clients in The Email Launch Project will get your offer out into the world! The momentum and positive vibes will have you beaming while I help you with all the strategy AND the emails – using my Email Launch Method.

Not only will you get all the training you need on your launch event, sales process and email marketing but you’ll also get access to:

– My launch email swipe files 
-Automation recipes
– Segmenting & tagging guide
– Webinar & sales page training

In other words, I’ll give you all you need to market it. Just take my proven structure and add your own language & offer to it.


phase 3 – post-launch debrief & delivery


Congratulations!! You’ve done it! Now it’s onto the most important part of the future growth of your business: learning from you launch and delivering on your promises.

During this phase we will:

1. Analyse all those launch numbers to see what worked, what didn’t and how we can improve for next time

2. Set some goals for your next launch and explore strategies for scaling.

3. Onboard your new students, members or clients with ease using my automations

And most importantly, celebrate with your peers!


plus you’ll also get access a bonus 1 on 1 launch planning call

Where we’ll spend an hour together mapping out your exact project plan (and build it in ClickUp or Asana!).

So as you go through the program you’ll know exactly how to apply all the resources to your business.

Let’s Recap what you’ll experience

An intimate group coaching experience over a spacious 4 months where you will grow your email list, nurture your subscribers and create a 5 figure launch – all with email.


1 on 1 launch planning consultation


personalised clickup or asana project board


fortnightly Vtrainings on your exact next step


fornightly 3 hour coaching & coworking calls


Weekly Video Reviews of your work






Exclusive Facebook Group for peer support & cheerleading


BONUS: 6 months access to the email experience membership


BONUS: additonal access for your marketing assistant so they can setup the emails for you!

Investment: AU$2997 or 5 x Monthly Payments of AU$659
(+ GST for Australian Residents)


12 x Monthly Payments of AU$275

Only 12 places available

apply now



* All the research proves it!

This is because:

Instead of fighting algorithm’s you are just inviting people to open an email.

Instead of fighting for more and more traffic you can make the most of that existing traffic by taking them on an experience – all the way to that buy button (and beyond).

Instead of pushy mass-marketing tactics you can personalise the journey and sell to them at the exact right time – and support them during the rest.


You can pre-schedule it.

You can automate it.

You can guarantee reach (no algorithm’s here).

And you can use the same emails to launch again!


If we forget the numbers and the logic for a minute, let’s remember that email is a connected, conversational medium.

It’s an opportunity for us to get our message out there in the world – without algorithm’s censoring us.

It’s a safe place to share stories, get more vulnerable and tell our truth.

And it can be setup so that your subscriber or customer is getting the exact message they need to hear at the exact right time. Even if that is a sales invitation.

and investing time into setting up your email marketing for one launch, means it is there for all your next launches too

Return on Investment per $1 spent

times the engagement of Facebook

times more effective at acquiring customers than Facebook or Twitter

who the email launch project is for

I’m committed to seeing you get results and want you to get at least 3 x return on your investment in this program. This is why The Email Launch Project is application only.

However, if you are sitting on the fence about whether to apply here’s a guide as to who it is right for and who it isn’t.

Who the Email lauch project is for:


Small business owners who have an existing audience and want to leverage their email list to launch their first group program, course or membership


Course, program or membership creators who have launched before but have not seen the results they had hoped for.


Small business owners who want to launch from a spirit of service but are burning out with all the admin and the hamster wheel of marketing.


People who are ready to commit to doing the work and taking action. I’ll have everything laid out & made simple for you.

Who the Email launch project is NOT is for:


E-commerce store owners that sell a physical product (The Email Experience is for you!)


People who want to circumvent laws and mass upload people to your list. Consent is required and this is a spam free zone. Quality over quantity always!


People looking for a get rich quick solution – if you think email marketing will get you all the sales after just a couple of emails, then this isn’t the place.


Those who can’t commit to do the work.


Those who don’t want to invest in their marketing but always seek the free solution rather than the one that will save them time and headache.


If you commit, so will I. I’ll be there regularly to ensure you’re creating a launch that will set you up today and beyond.

The skill set you’ll build in this program will never be wasted, and even if you decide to outsource your launching after this program, you’ll know exactly what is happening and when.

You might have launched before or not at all, but if you have a dream to create an online program, and the drive and commitment to do the work, you’ll walk away with a whole new source of leveraged and scalable income for your business.