A must listen, this episode goes through all you need to know about the email marketing software and tech updates that have happened over 2023 and some important changes coming in early 2024.

From minor campaign edit capabilities to major pricing & plan structure changes, I have you covered.

First is the most important part where I explain some big changes coming to the requirements Google Mail and Yahoo Mail have regarding authentication – and the steps you need to take now to make sure you don’t end up in spam jail.

Then I look at the way the different email marketing software providers are utilising AI and if it is actually helpful or not.

Finally, I get stuck into the below 5 email marketing software providers to discuss specific changes and if they are actually important or just something that you kinda, maybe, might want to use someday.

Timestamps for each software:

14:32 ActiveCampaign

21:03 Klaviyo

26:25 MailerLite

31:56 ConvertKit

36:03 MailChimp

40:21 Wrap up

If you want help setting up your software check out the below courses:

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