This is episode 2 of 4 where I spill on my top email marketing secrets.

These are the little shifts that make all the difference when it comes to email marketing.

AND what makes everything simpler & less overwhelming.

This secret is probably my favourite – choosing a focus.

No, I’m not talking about choosing a niche or a target audience.

I’m talking about a focus topic or theme for any given time.

This solves the biggest challenge I see small business owners have – “I don’t know what to email my list”

Really this is because they haven’t narrowed down the possibilities.

They are looking at everything under the sun that they could send and because of this they see nothing.

Instead you need to narrow it down.


In this episode, I share how I use the strategy of using focus themes or topics to make content simple. And how I’ve even used this strategy to coach my 7yo’s Netball team!

This episode is in celebration of my new LIVE bootcamp beginning on June 20th – The Email Marketing bootcamp.

If you want to finally get started (or restarted) with email marketing this is for you. 

We’ll be covering:

  • How to do email marketing your way (and how it all works)
  • What to send your list that feels aligned with who you are
  • Choosing the best email marketing software for you
  • The 6 steps for using email to grow your business

Plus plenty of time for you to ask questions and get support from me!

Enrol now at


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