how to identify your unique selling point

Every small business needs a reason for people to buy from you rather than someone else. So let’s give them one and find your Unique Selling Point.

Here I provide 4 quick steps on how to identify your unique selling point.

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So let’s get into the formula!

how to identify your unique selling point STEP NO. 1: IDENTIFY YOUR PASSIONS

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it” Simon Sinek

Remember back to when you started your business, why did you choose it? What purpose does it fulfil? What outcomes does it seek? What literally gives you that feeling of achievement?

This could be a few things to you. It could be the pure joy of creating something from a blank canvas, it could be a personal discovery you have made that you know will make others lives better, it could be digging deep into research to at last find the solution to that problem.

Your passions are a big reason why people will want to buy from you. They are a big part of what makes you unique.

For example, one thing I have discovered in my journey in defining what I should do in a business is the pure satisfaction and joy that I get from helping others solve their business hurdles. It is the best feeling to be able to provide answer’s to people’s nagging questions, to help them get unstuck with the knowledge I have. To help them navigate the murky waters that is online marketing and to pick what suits them best. This is now a core part of my mission.

So what’s your mission?

how to identify your unique selling point STEP NO. 2: IDENTIFY YOUR STRENGTHS

One of the awesome things about small business is that your business strengths are so closely tied to your personal strengths.

So what are you good at? What do people regularly compliment you on? What skills have you developed over the years? Over the course of your working years, what has you employer appreciated about you?

In addition to all of this, what does your business rock at that your competitors don’t? Can you deliver your products quicker? Are they higher quality? Do they last longer? Are your systems run smoothly? Do you give a feeling of luxury or fun or inspiration?

If in doubt, ask your friends, family, customers and colleagues. What do they think you are good at?


how to identify your unique selling point STEP NO. 3: WHAT WILL YOUR TARGET MARKET PAY FOR?

If you haven’t done so already, make sure you have defined who your target market is, what they value and what needs they have. (I go much deeper into this in this blog post).

The key questions to ask are what challenges do they face? Or what benefit would be willing to pay for?

List them all out regardless of whether you think you can provide a solution or not.

If in doubt, ask!! Do a quick survey of your list or do a few polls in FB Groups. Or just really start listening to their struggles.

how to identify your unique selling point STEP NO. 4: FIND THE MEETING POINT

From that list you just came up with, what problems can you solve for your target market or what benefits can you provide them with?

Now, which of those fit your passion and purpose? And which of those suit your strengths? Which solution will be able to have your unique flavour?

That’s the magic point you are looking for.

Where the 3 areas cross over, that’s where you should position yourself in the market.

USP Venn Diagram

What have you discovered through this exercise? Please share below!