Welcome back to Easy Email Marketing. 

Hands up if you’ve got a promo for Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas? (open for more)

Now keep your hand up if you’ve got a watertight plan in the lead up?

Plan or no plan, you don’t want to miss this episode where I share 10 tips to get more out of your sales promotions.


Here’s an overview of what I cover in this episode to get more from your promotions:

1: Don’t Neglect The Runway

2: Give A Heads Up

3: Send More Emails Than You Are Comforatable With

4: Resend To Unopens

5: Mix Up Your Subject Lines

6: Use Clear Calls To Action

7: Infuse Personality

8: Focus On The Benefit

9: Combine With Other Marketing Channels

10: Track Your Numbers


If you want guidance with any of this, I cover these points in great depth with lessons, tech tutorials and plenty of examples inside The Email Experience, my online email marketing membership that helps you serve your subscribers with open-worthy emails, surprisingly simple automation and offers that sell.

So if you want that guidance to make the start, you can join the waitlist at yaelkeon.com/experience/


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