Welcome to this special edition podcast episode – a recording of a live masterclass I held recently: Get Unstuck – 7 Simple, Strategic Shifts for Busy, Bored or Burnt-out Business Owners.

This is for you if you are feeling stagnant in your business and want to fall in love with it again by making it feel easy, fulfilling and fun.

We focus on a few different shifts you can make, that can help you move to the next level including:

  • How to get out of overwhelm
  • Creating more time
  • Streamlining your offers
  • Having realistic plans
  • Getting smarter with your marketing
  • Actually selling
  • Getting disciplined


At the end of the masterclass I also offer an invitation to join my group program: Free to Thrive. This is a mid level online business coaching experience for business owners and entrepreneurs who are stuck in that messy middle.

Applications are open now but close on Thursday May 26th 2022. Ready for a June start.
(Or if you are listening to this later, you can get on the waitlist for the next time doors open.

Learn more and apply here: www.yaelkeon.com/free