At the time this podcast episode drops, I am someone in lush Ireland – for a full month of quality family time and down time. After 3 long years of separation…

This episode and the email that goes along with it,  however, is pre scheduled and set to go before I even left over a week ago.

That has got to be one of my favourite things about email marketing – you can do the work when you want and then it goes at the right time. Even weeks in advance.

So in today’s episode I thought I’d share how I holiday proof my business – specifically my email marketing.

That while I am away my automations are running &  serving new subscribers, any new client bookings are being supported and my podcast emails & program reminders are all set to go.

All while I spend quality family time or tour around or just take a much needed brain break.

In this episode, I’m sharing what makes this possible and how you can do it too. Plus a bit of a permission slip that you can take time off too.

I also mentioned the Email Ignition Bundle which you can get your hands on for a special price here.


Want to see more of what I get up to when I’m not podcasting?