List Hygiene – not one of the most sexy and fun topics when it comes to email marketing.

But just because it isn’t fun, doesn’t mean it’s not important and I implore you to stick around and listen to this episode because it really is essential to your overall list health, your deliverability, how much you are paying for your software and the number one way of ensure you aren’t being “annoying”.

Inside this episode, I break down how to do a quick list cleanup and answer all the common questions that come up around this process like:

  • How often should I do a list cleanup?
  • What if I haven’t emailed often or in a while?
  • How do I identify the subscribers who aren’t engaging?
  • Should I send some last chance emails?
  • And what about Apple Privacy’s impact on open rates?

Consider this your friendly reminder to make this happen this week!


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