Welcome back to Easy Email Marketing, I’m your host Yael Keon and today we are going back to the beginning.

I was looking through my episodes and have realised that at episode 37, I haven’t done a “how to get started” episode.

There’s plenty on how it can be used for different business types, what you can send and how to use different software – but not an overview of where and how to begin.

So I’m going to rectify that right now in this episode!

Whether you are brand new to email marketing or have something setup but haven’t been using it then this episode is for you.


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Right, back to this week’s episode!


Perfect for those just starting out, or those with some tech set up but it’s just sitting there collecting virtual dust, I’m outlining the seven easy steps you need to get started with email marketing!


Tune in to find out how to get started, and start sending emails today!


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Thank you for joining me today. I’d love to hear from you about what you have enjoyed from this episode or what you want to know more about or which software you want me to cover next please let me know over on Instagram @yaelkeon.

I’ll see you in the next episode.


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