Welcome back to Easy Email Marketing. 


I know that there are many of you out there who struggle with emailing your subscribers regularly. This episode is here to help you break that struggle, and make email marketing a habit.


Now I’ll be honest… consistency is not my forte.

I am not someone who can just put something in my schedule to happen on a certain day and trust myself to always follow through with it.

To me there is always the next day or the next week.

So this is definitely not coming from the place of someone who is completely organised and has it all together. Instead, I’m sharing 10 tips that help me, and will hopefully help you to break down that barrier and get in the habit of sending those emails!


  1. Have a go to list of ideas
  2. Go for a walk (or drive)
  3. Pair with another piece of content
  4. Prioritise
  5. Commit to a day of the week/month
  6. Make it realistic
  7. Leverage scheduling & automation
  8. Habit stack
  9. Create a nice environment/make it nice
  10. Remove the pressure


Go ahead and listen to get all the info on implementing the 10 tips in your email marketing habits, and then get emailing!


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