How to Sell Without Being Salesy
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Let’s talk how to sell without being salesy via email.

I’ll just begin by saying that ‘sales’ is not a dirty word. To have a successful business you need to sell. That’s why you are in business in the first place. So please don’t hide from this!

To help your audience in the best way possible, they need to buy what you offer. Learning how to sell without being pushy can make this process feel more natural and geuine.

If you provide a product and that product makes their life easier or just makes them feel amazing about themselves, you are doing a disservice if you do not share that opportunity to work with them.

With that said, that does not mean you have to have a sales funnel in place where you send 17 emails in four days to someone who’s literally just signed up to your list. (Yes that has happened to me)

And it doesn’t mean you have to be super pushy or only ever send emails that just keep selling.

You can do sales with email in a feel-good way.

This is the essence of how to sell without being salesy.

Email marketing provides some of the best opportunities for you to sell to your audience in organic supportive ways. And the stats show it! Email has a return-on-investment of over $44 per dollar spent – that is the highest return on investment and conversion rate of any online strategy!

How can you get more sales via email without feeling sleazy and annoying? Read on to find out.



Follow a give, then ask mindset. This means showing up for your audience when you don’t have something to sell.

Share your tips, insight stories, motivational pep talks, whatever it is to keep them interested in what you share. You are essentially being helpful, and your emails – people are opening them because they provide something that they want to read and that they find helpful or inspiring.

If you want more valuable email ideas, make sure to check out podcast episode six in which I share six types of non-salesy content that you can send your list.

This give, give, give, then ask formula can look many ways depending on the type of business you have and your personal preferences.

Option 1 –  Send your subscribers three value packed emails, with the fourth email being a promotional one. This can be over the course of a month with your regular campaigns or broadcasts, or it can be an automated series of emails.

Option 2 – A launch/promo based model where you send all value for three months and then the fourth month is a heavier promotional period because that’s when people can buy from you.

Option 3 – An individual email level where the first three quarters of that email is more focused around value. Maybe you’re sharing a great blog post, an insight or a great story and the final quarter gives them an opportunity to buy.

How you do this depends on your business and your style, but you might find that you end up using a bit of a combination. I certainly do!

Moral of the story: value first, sales second.

That’s the first way to make sure you are doing this sales thing the right way – showing up and serving your audience, but still getting those sales that you want.

If you’re stuck on what type of valuable content to send, make sure to check out my course WTF Can I Send to My Email List – and be inspired with 100s of email ideas!



This is where you send a normal value style email like top tips, sharing a story or giving some insights into the latest trend. But then after the sign off, you just simply have a PS that says, ‘PS: if you want to work with me, you can book here’. This subtle method is a great example of how to sell without being salesy.

Instead of having the PS, you could also have a ‘shop now’ button, feature three products or feature a testimonial with the link to book with you or to get on the wait list for your program.

With this type of method, the focus of the email isn’t about selling – meaning it won’t feel sleazy! But at the bottom of your emails, there’s always that opportunity which plants a seed for someone to buy from you.


I believe in letting people know early on how they can work with you, but you don’t want to come off too strong with a “BUY NOW” message unless they specifically signed up for a coupon code.

In your welcome series, focus on providing great insights and help in the first three emails (perhaps with a PS). Then, in the fourth or fifth email, extend a stronger invitation to work with you or to buy something.

This doesn’t have to be pushy. You don’t need to send 10 emails about it, but you do want to still give them the opportunity to buy.

And for those who have just signed up, they’re already highly interested in what you offer and are looking for a solution. Now.

Meaning that’s the perfect time to present your program, service or product to them.

For more welcome series related guidance, head on over to my courses: Welcome Series Builder – Services and Digital Programs Edition or Welcomes Series Builder – Ecommerce Edition



If you have a monthly promotion, whether it’s for new release products or something else, make sure to send an email inviting people to work with you.

You can also send an email focusing on what you’ll cover that month in your membership, encouraging people to join.

After that, the next three emails should provide value. You could also use an open-and-shut cart model or flash promotions.

Our goal is to provide value most of the time, but occasionally, open your cart and say, “You can join now,” or “Buy now.” Once the cart closes, purchasing won’t be possible until the next promotion.

You can also run flash sales like the classic Black Friday or 24-hour sales.

Pro tip: Include an option for people to unsubscribe from promotional emails if they don’t want to receive them, but still want to stay on your list for other updates.

For more, get the course Everyday Email Sales


If someone views your sales page, your services page or even a specific product, you can either get notified of that or you can automatically send them an email which says, “Hey, I noticed you checked out my services, but you didn’t book in. I’m curious if you have any questions?”

This will only work if you’ve got site tracking set up and they are already in your email database, which is another reason why you want to make sure you’re capturing as many email addresses as possible.

Now you have an opportunity to reach out to those people who are already actively looking at your stuff.

The abandoned cart email is a massive missed opportunity if you are not using it, or a simple replenishment or win back automation where someone’s purchased something three months ago, and they haven’t purchased since.

Check in again and ask if they need a refill or an offer just for them to come back.

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the key here…

Is just to really know you are providing value not only with your content, but in the transformation that your service, product or program provides, and hopefully this motivates you to push yourself that little bit outside your comfort zone and start experimenting with some of these ideas.

You can’t just assume that everyone sees the opportunity to work with you after one email or that they happen to see it on your website somewhere.

It’s rare that anyone’s gone and browsed through every little nook and cranny of your site to find that thing that’s perfect for them.

And you can’t assume that they know all the different ways that they can work with you or all the different products that you can offer.

You need to be really obvious!

In this day and age, we are overwhelmed with information. So, if you’ve got a way to help someone, please share it and share it often.

For those ready to take their sales game to the next level, check out my EVERYDAY EMAIL SALES course. You’ll discover valuable sales tactics that you can use on a day to day basis in your email marketing.



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