let’s finally get your email marketing setup

in the next 90 days


You’ve had email marketing on your to do list for months (if not years) but there is always something that stops you.

Maybe you’ve been unsure about what to send or how to apply smart (& non-sleazy) strategy to your business.

Maybe the tech completely overwhelms you so you don’t dare to begin.

Or maybe you just keep procrastinating because there is something always “more important to do”


It’s time to eliminate those excuses and get it done – together.


INTRODUCING the email implementor

A 1 on 1, 12 week program where we get everything setup.

We work together on the strategy.

You provide the words.

I setup the tech.

90 Minute 1 on 1 Strategy Call

We begin by having an intensive 90 minute strategy session to create your email marketing roadmap.

We’ll map out what to send, what software to use, how to structure your lists & segments, what automations to implement and more.

your 90 day plaN

Based on our strategy call you’ll receive a fully customised 90 day plan from me.

This will include exactly what we will be doing over the next 12 weeks and when.

fortnightly consulting calls

We’ll get together for 1 hour each fortnight to ensure you are making progress. 

Between each call you’ll have specific homework to do (aka writing or sending emails). Meanwhile, I’ll be setting up your tech backed so everything works smoothly

If needed these can be converted to coworking calls if you really need to schedule the time to make it happen.

your complete setup

At the conclusion of 4 weeks, you’ll have your email marketing project or projects complete!

I’ll provide a structure document which includes a breakdown of how it all works. Plus video walkthroughs.

Finally, get access to my Tech Tutorial library for your software of choice so that you are across exactly what you need.


All email marketing implementors are completely custom to what you need. But here are a few ideas about what we can achieve.


We can setup and/or optimise your complete e-commerce email marketing strategy including:
– List building & lead magnets
– Welcome sequences
– Abandoned cart, customer thank you and winback automations
– Campaigns and broadcasts
– List cleanup and organisation
And any custom sequences for distinct product categories


We can setup a full lead generation and CRM process including:
– List building and lead magnets
– Welcome and nurture sequences
– Content funnels
– Sales pipelines
– Client onboarding
– List clean up and organisation
And managing your subscriber groups so you can be confident you are sending your emails to the right people.



We can setup and run a complete launch including:
– Pre-launch list building and nurturing
– Waitlist setup
– Launch event signup and automations
– Launch emails
– Onboarding automations
– Launch review
All with easy to manage subscriber groups so you know exactly who is doing what.

*Note: recommend we begin at least 6-8 weeks before you begin open cart.

list building & evergreen funnels

We can create a full lead generation and evergreen sales system including:
– Lead magnets and/or advanced opt in incentives
– Welcome sequences and sales funnels
– Ongoing content funnels
– Onboarding automations
– Campaigns and broadcasts
– List cleanup and organisation
And how to do all that while managing multiple groups of subscribers and multiple offers.



  • Initial 90 minute email marketing roadmap call
  • 90 day plan
  • 6 x 1 hour consulting or coworking calls
  • Setup of lists/segments/tags, automations and integrations
  • Review of your emails
  • Email support throughout (within 48 hours, M-F)
  • Structure Document
  • Video Walkthrough
  • Access to Tech Tutorial Library for your Software Choice
  • Access to Swipe Files and Templates needed for your project

INVESTMENT: $2000 (or 3 x monthly payments of $675)

ready? apply now to claim your place –
only 5 spots for 2023

3 start dates in September and 2 in October.
(Note – October starts will include a 2-3 week break over Christmas)

Or if you prefer to have a quick chat to see if this is right for you, book here.


What software do you work with?

This service is available with your choice of ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, MailerLite or Klaviyo. If you are using something else and want to migrate we can include that as part of the process (I’ll do that part for you).


I haven't sent an email in awhile, can you help?

Yes, we’ll begin with a re-engagement campaign and ensure your list is all cleaned up ready to go. Then we’ll build out all your automations and ensure you have plenty of ideas to continue emailing for months and years to come.

The fortnightly accountability will really help in making sure you actually hit send.

I'm starting from scratch, can you help?

Absolutely! I love a clean slate – we can setup your complete system from the ground up. And the best part is you’ll know it’s right, right from the beginning.

My software is such a mess, can you help?

For sure! I love rolling my sleeves up and figuring out exactly which subscribers belong where and how to get them moving through all their automations correctly. We’ll ensure all your lists, tags, forms and automations are labelled and organised so you know exactly how everything works.

We can even do a good list cleanup at the same time.

Will you write my emails for me?

While I am more than happy to provide ideas and even swipe files, I’m not a copywriter and I would have to charge alot more if I were to do all your emails for you.

However, I am happy to review and edit to ensure you are on track.

My focus and expertise is on the strategy and systems.

What work will you do for me?

Between calls, I’ll be rolling my sleeves up and getting the backend of your software working.

This could include things like:

– List cleanup
– Organising your lists, segments, groups, forms and fields
– Integration with third party software
– Setup for forms and lead pages
– Creation of email templates
– Setup of all automations including inserting your emails

In other words all the tech bits you likely avoid. In the end you just have to write the words and I get it working.

how much time do i need to commit?

Of course that depends on how much you want to achieve in the time frame. Of course there is the 1 hour fortnightly consulting calls and then time dedicated to writing your emails. 

Initially, you might find you need 1-2 hours a week but then overtime it could minimise to just writing a single email and our catchups. We can even use our 1 hour time to do the work if needed.

When will the calls be held?

My call availability is Tuesdays – Thursdays between 9.30am-2.30pm Perth AWST.

If you are not in Australia, I do have limited options for evening my time/day yours. Please let me know if the application form if you are interested.

What if I fall behind?

The commitment is for a 12 week period and meeting fortnightly throughout so that you actually get it done. However, if needed we could allow a grace period of up to 1 month .

Is there the option for ongoing support after the 12 weeks?

Yes, I have options for ongoing retainer, hourly or project based work which we can discuss at the end. 

I need something done quicker than 12 weeks, is there an option for me?

Yes! I have a VIP day option which you can find more details about here