Having trouble getting people to sign up to your email list? You need a lead magnet!

But not just any lead magnet – one that actually works.

Here’s my philosophy on them in a sentence:  if someone can find the same information in a Tik Tok then they aren’t going to give away their email address for it.

Yet so many online business owners are making the mistake of following the advice that was given over 10 years ago. And, yes, it worked for those well meaning online experts then but those same tactics don’t work now.

Instead we need to get creative and think about what your audience actually wants.

Inside this episode, I’m sharing:

  • 4 things that are no longer working and why
  • 4 things that ARE working
  • 14 different ideas for lead magnets that will get those signups

This is a generic free zone and after listening to this episode you’ll have a clearer idea of what to offer your audience and how to stand out in a busy online space.

And ultimately start getting those leads that we all know are essential to your business success.

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