don’t let your list stay stagnant, instead join…


in just 4 weeks, you’ll have an email list that is opening, clicking, replying and buying.


And you definitely don’t need to apologise if it’s been a few too many weeks between (email marketing) drinks.

all you need to do is take action 

Small, strategic ones…

And I’m here to guide you through exactly how to do it.

how it works

You get INSTANT access to 4 weekly** missions and emails.

(**weekly is a loose term – you choose your interval!)

pART a: WEEKLY missions

Short and strategic you’ll be given specific tasks with all the instructions you need to make it happen.

pART B: weekly emails

Each week you will send an email. Yes, actually hit send. I’ll provide scripts you can personalise.

HERE’S what YOU’LL be doing

week 1 – idea generation

I’ll teach you my simple method for brainstorming a tonne of ideas plus you’ll be sending your first email which will focus on getting feedback and input from your subscribers about what they want to hear most.

 At the end of this week you’ll be feeling confident that you have a tonne of value to share with your list and you’ll be excited to start showing up more.

week 2 – connect

This week you’ll be focusing on connecting with your subscribers biggest challenges and/or desires – based off your brainstorming, customer/client knowledge and the feedback you received from your subscribers last week. This weeks email will focus on that.

You’ll also come up with an epic value bomb gift idea to prep next week. 


week 3 – value bomb

This week is about actions more than words. You’ll create a downloadable gift which helps solve your subscribers biggest challenge or frustration. Then you’ll send it and start getting all those clicks!

OR if you aren’t quite ready to go all in on a lead magnet – you can create a super valuable piece of content. This can be an email on it’s own, a blog or a video.


week 4 – convert

This week you’ll be generating two conversions: 
1. Converting onlookers to leads (aka getting list signups)

2. Converting your subscribers to sales

First up you’ll write a simple sales email aimed at showing how you can help them most.

Then you’ll create a lead page for your new downloadable gift and create your welcome series (using the same 4 emails you have written as part of this program!).


Hi, I’m Yael

Marketer, Business Owner, MBA, FIFO Wife and Mum of 2 (and a lot of pets!)

Over the past 8 years, I’ve established myself as the go-to email marketing expert for online business owners owners who are ready to make a difference, create a lifestyle and not burn themselves out in the process. Oh, and do it all without feeling icky, sleazy or salesy in the process.

Strategy and automation are at the heart of all I do – meaning more time for the people and things you love.

Before starting out on my own, I’ve worked for 12 years in marketing roles at international corporations and attained  a Bachelors of Commerce (Marketing & Advertising Double Major) and an MBA.

all this for only AU$50

quick recap


INSTANT ACCESS weekly missions including curated lessons to help you take easy action


INSTANT ACCESS weekly email scripts for you to copy, paste & make your own




live round lIVE q&a’S


live round cOPY CRITIQUES

wow! that’s a no brainer… I’m in!



* All the research proves it!

This is because:

Instead of fighting algorithm’s you are just inviting people to open an email.

Instead of fighting for more and more traffic you can make the most of that existing traffic by taking them on an experience – all the way to that buy button (and beyond).

Instead of pushy mass-marketing tactics you can personalise the journey and sell to them at the exact right time – and support them during the rest.


You can pre-schedule it.

You can automate it.

You can guarantee reach (no algorithm’s here).

And you can use the same emails to launch again!


If we forget the numbers and the logic for a minute, let’s remember that email is a connected, conversational medium.

It’s an opportunity for us to get our message out there in the world – without algorithm’s censoring us.

It’s a safe place to share stories, get more vulnerable and tell our truth.

And it can be setup so that your subscriber or customer is getting the exact message they need to hear at the exact right time. Even if that is a sales invitation.

and investing time into setting up your email marketing for one launch, means it is there for all your next launches too

Return on Investment per $1 spent

times the engagement of Facebook

times more effective at acquiring customers than Facebook or Twitter

questions answered

How does it work?

As soon as you purchase you’ll be given instant access to the List Revival program and all 4 weeks worth of content. So you can dive right in.

I haven't emailed my list in ages (or never), will this work for me?

Yes, this process can be started anytime! No need to start from scratch.

You might find that you get a higher unsubscribe rate to start and that is OK. That will just be due to the natural churn you would have experienced over time.

At the end of this you’ll have a list of subscribers who want to hear from you.

Is this for me if I'm already pretty consistent with sending emails?

Yes – if you feel like your list is a bit stagnant, not engaging or writing emails feels like a chore. We’ll bring your list (and your motivation) back to life!

But, no, if you are already feeling confident and excited about what you are sending. If that’s you, you might be interested in The Email Experience to learn about all the different ways you can uplevel your strategy.

I have an e-commerce business - is this for me?

Absolutely! And the good news is you won’t have to work quite as hard on the connection content as your service or course based peers. Your subscribers signed up because they want special offers and know when the latest stock is out.

So we’ll focus your messaging on reigniting that.

I've still got questions

Contact me @yaelkeon over on Instagram and we can chat.