Want a quick tip that with save you your sanity when using your email marketing software? Listen in!

I see it all the time. Someone starts with a shiny new email marketing software and at the beginning it’s clean and easy. You have only one or two forms, lists or groups and a couple of automations.

But then you add another lead magnet.

Or you want to send different emails to different groups.

Or you want to add this extra automation.

Or you want to add some preferences like allowing someone to opt out.

Before you know it you have dozens (if not 100s of tags), a tonne of automations that you don’t know what they do, you are unsure if your subscribers are actually getting the right emails and it becomes all too overwhelming.

It’s enough to make someone pull their hair out and give up. OR they come to me to sort it all out for them!

But it doesn’t need to be this way. In this episode I’ll share the one hack that will make your software so much more organised.


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