Yes, I know…

You have a lot going on trying to grow your business.

Too much.

It’s hard enough to just keep up with sending your regular “newsletters” let alone growing your list.

You know you should be doing more with your email marketing.

Things like automations, tagging and *gasp* promotions.

But your software already feels so messy and confusing.

You hardly know where to even begin…

Without a solid email marketing ecosystem

you are leaking sales left, right and centre!

And that dream of making sales in your literal sleep is possible – all the email marketing stats prove it.

You know that if you could just get it all setup you won’t need to be hustling so hard all the time.

And that instead you will be able to consistently communicate and connect with your subscribers when they want to hear from you most.


Welcome your Audience with open arms

When someone first joins your list they are welcomed with open arms.

They feel understood and have that instant connection with you and/or your products. So much so that they want to invest.

Interaction and engagement with your emails

When your subscribers interact with your emails, your e-commerce store, your booking system OR your website, you know about it and you can create automations that respond with exactly what they need at that moment to help them along their customer journey.

You can also use this information to learn more about your subscribers to serve them better.

Surprise and delight your customers from the beginning

When someone purchases from you, you can create a beautiful on boarding experience or amazing customer service.

And you can even follow up customers when they are due to purchase again, so you capture that repeat business.

your List looks forward to hearing from you

When someone receives an email from you they eagerly open it, read it, click in it and even reply with thank you messages because you send emails that are of value.

Promotional emails sell, even when you’re sleeping

When you send out a promotional email or you launch your offer, your subscribers buy it. Because they love what you are all about, you have nurtured them and you have shown up for them.

And so much more!

You can have this and so much more with just a little guidance and a whole pile of resources at your fingertips.

Ready to stop leaving money on the table and nail your email marketing?

Return on Investment per $1 spent

times the engagement of Facebook

times more effective at acquiring customers than Facebook or Twitter


First, there’s the tech – what software should you use and how on earth do you set it all up without wanting to throw your computer out your window?

Then there’s getting people to sign up – why would anyone want to?

And even once they do sign up – what do you send?

After all you don’t want to be *gasp* spammy!

And how do you convert those subscribers to sales? Minus the ick factor.

And, segmentation, automation, personalisation – it just seems so overwhelming right now. 

i have you covered!

I’ve collated 15 years experience working with small and medium-sized international organisations – along with some hard-won education running my own small business start-up – to create an online membership like no other.

One that gives you the knowledge, tools and confidence to send those emails.

Even if you are a techno-phobe.

Even if you worry about being annoying.

Even if you feel like you don’t have anything of value to send.

I’m not like other email marketing gurus.

I believe that there is so much more to email than just getting that first sign up.

I believe in quality over quantity.

I believe in creating the best experience for your subscribers.

And I can show you exactly how to do it too!

INTRODUCING, THE email experience

The complete, step by step membership for serving your subscribers with open-worthy emails, surprisingly simple automation and offers that sell.




how The Email Experience is different from other programs and memberships:


It will show you the exact step by step process for implementing a high-converting (and high-connecting) email strategy without needing to do all the things straight away. One step at a time.

It will give you the strategy AND the templates so that you can easily write your emails and setup your automations for a fraction of what it will cost to have an expert set it all up for you.

It will show you how to setup the tech even if you fear technology. Tutorials are provided on a number of different email marketing software so you aren’t locked into just one.

It will have you confident that you DO have value to share with your email list – and sell with ease too.

It provides the support and accountability to help you show up and share your most important messages with the world. 

Not only will all this have you getting thank you replies, plus you’ll also…

Have a high-converting and feel-good welcome series for all your new subscribers.

Create an exact plan of what you are going to send and when, so you are actually sending them and your subscribers are always feeling the love.

Have automations that not only get you more sales but serve your subscribers from first sign up to well after they purchase – all while you sleep, live life and grow your business.

Have well-organised email marketing software so that you aren’t wasting time scrolling through pages of tags, wondering where on earth anything is.

Know exactly how many new subscribers you need to reach your sales or launch goals and how to turn the tap on and off as needed so you are never short of leads again.


“I love Yael and her (very) generous amount of, and detailed information regarding e-mail marketing. Her express packs, hot seats, masterclasses, video and tech tutorials are outstanding. I’m so happy that I found her through a tip from a friend.

Thanks to Yael I have managed to connect my webshop with MailChimp properly, starting to build my list, learned how write e-mails, how to set up e-mail automations and much much more.

The Email Experience program is VERY valuable and I do recommend you to try it. I think you will be positively surprised when you realize how much that is included.”

Anna Hägerstedt, Pufz 



what’s inside

When you first join you’ll get instant access to:

Step-by-Step How To Lessons

When you first join, you’ll be asked to take a quiz to determine where you are on the email marketing success path. Based on these results, you will be given your best next steps to start seeing results fast.

There are over 50 core lessons and worksheets to help you master your strategy. So whether you are a beginner or email master, you’ll find a range of lessons that will help you create an email marketing ecosystem that starts getting you more sales, in less time.

The Tech Zone

Not sure how to do that thing? Don’t worry, in the comprehensive and constantly growing Tech Zone you’ll find tutorials on how to do basic setup to integrating with your website & other tools to setting up automations and beyond.

Systems supported include MailChimp, MailerLite, ActiveCampaign, ConverKit, Klaviyo and more. Skip the dodgy help files and death by YouTube and get the answers ASAP.

Email Express Packs

How about if I just did some of the work for you? In these simple to follow pdf shortcuts, you’ll find done-for-you email swipe files, implementation checklists, email automation outlines and more.

You’ll even be able to steal my proven subject lines and implementation checklists.


  • A monthly accountability focus so we all make progress together
  • A new video training from Yael or a Guest Expert
  • A new Email Express Pack
  • Coaching Call with Yael to review your creations and automation setups


Confused if you are using the best email marketing software for you?

In this workshop, I’ll take you through each of the most recommended options,

explain the differences and help you choose the best one for you.



Brimming with email ideas.

Sending a beautiful welcome series for your new subscribers.

Setting up lists, segments and tags like a pro.

Creating powerful and high-converting automations.

Personalising and customising your emails.

Growing your list with ease.

Launching and selling confidently.

Scaling beyond what you thought was possible.

Sitting back watching your email automations doing all the heavy lifting for you.


Let’s Recap what you get…

An exact prescription for what you need to focus on first


50+ Core Email Marketing Lessons


50+ Tech Tutorials


Library of Email Express Packs


Exclusive Members Facebook Group


Monthly Video Training from Yael or Guest Experts


Monthly Accountability Focus (to get sh*t done)


Monthly Email Express Packs


Monthly Coaching Call with Yael


BONUS: Which Email Marketing Software? Workshop

All for only $57/month (cancel anytime)



join as an annual member for $570/year, 
getting you 2 months free.

the first 5 tolock in annual membership also get a 30 minute strategy call with me to map out the best email strategy for you. Valued at $347


“I have loved the Email Experience because of the amazing quantity and quality of the tools and resources provided by Yael to support a number of email programmes. Her training videos are clear and professional. She is CLEARLY an expert in her field. Then, as if great quality information, available when you need it – forever – wasn’t enough Yael backs this up with Facebook lives,  Q & A sessions and generally being very accessible.

The Email Experience represents incredible value for money and I recommend all small and emerging businesses get on board!”

Jenny Cole, Positively Beaming

here’s just a taste of what we cover



Whether you have 0 subscribers or 10,000, I’ll show you how to grow your list using a mix of organic and paid strategies.

You’ll create an irresistible opt in incentive and learn how to get more people to see it and sign up for it.


Not only will you create an impactful and converting welcome sequence for your newest subscribers, you’ll be showing up consistently in inboxes with emails your subscribers just can’t wait to open.


If there was just one thing I’d want you to know about email it is this – it’s so much more than “newsletters”. You can create an epic email experience for your subscribers with just a few simple automations. This is the secret to increasing sales while you sleep.


One of the best features of email marketing is that you can talk to your subscribers in different ways depending on what you know about them and actions they have taken. You can talk to customers and leads in different ways. You can speak to them based on characteristics or stages. The list is endless and it’s this secret sauce that will have your emails feeling super personalised to every subscriber.


Sales in email doesn’t need to be icky. In fact, it can be coming from a place purely of service. Inside The Email Experience you’ll find a full range of feel good sales strategies to choose from, including mindset so you don’t feel so uncomfortable doing it.

“I struggled with email marketing since launching my business and had no experience or know how with Mailchimp until Yael came along with her email marketing cape and thought me the basics I need to get started. I seen Mailchimp as a black hole and dreaded even logging now now I have my onboarding emails on point and working on my other series that she has recommended and now I enjoy logging on and writing to all my subscribers. Yael is great at email marketing with so many helpful tips and tricks I didn’t even know you could do! Thank you Yael you email marketing superhero!”

Fi O’Beirne, GlowDry Australia

here’s how i’ll help your business

You’ll be building out a full range of automations that ensure you have fence-sitters converting and customers coming back time and time again. 

Your list will be consistently growing – through not only a discount code (only if you choose!) but also through effective lead magnets.

You’ll know how to speak to your list beyond just product promotions, new releases and talking about features. You’ll go deeper and create that ultimate brand loyalty.

All with tech tutorial support for Klaviyo and MailChimp plus customised Email Express Packs for e-commerce automations and welcome series scripts.

Building that know, like and trust factor is crucial to service based businesses and I’ll show you exactly how to do that through a strategic lead magnet and welcome series that take your new lead on a journey to help them make an informed, feel-good decision to work with you. You’ll then continue to nurture that relationship with consistent emails until they are ready.

You’ll also build in methods and automations to serve your new clients after they have said yes to working with you and also to offboard them effectively.

All with tech tutorial support for MailChimp, MailerLite, ActiveCampaign and more. Plus customised Email Express Packs for services automations and welcome series scripts.

Building a leveraged business model is an amazing way to grow your business in less time. But it generally requires two major things: higher list numbers and automated experiences.

In The Email Experience, you’ll learn how to grow your list effectively using both organic and paid methods. Then you’ll nurture them with an epic welcome experience and open-worthy emails.

Finally, you’ll learn how to effectively sell your offer using either a Launch or Evergreen model.

All with tech tutorial support for the most popular email software providers and customised express packs for list building and launching.


“I produce visual content and creative copy for small businesses. But the next step is knowing how to use that content cause structuring email automation’s or welcome sequences is a specialist skill in itself. 

Finding a conversion copywriter who can write with enough creativity and vision to share my client’s brand personality and tell a compelling story is sometimes hard to come by.  Especially one who can write without being super sales-y. 

Which is where Yael’s Email Experience comes in for me. 

It’s bridged that gap for us. I can use the tools that Yael shares to repurpose the creative we deliver our clients. 

So she has become my go-to for recommending to people I work with who want to do this for themselves. And I know that when they follow Yael, I’m confident they’ll be getting easy to follow resources that take the guess work out. 

I’d followed Yael for a while before she launched The Email Experience. And had an idea about what to expect from her. I  knew that what she shares is simple and effective. 

Since joining I’ve used some of my learnings from Yael to launch a mini online course that got 500 people onto the waitlist and 10k worth of sign ups in the first round and several email automations that have contributed to revenue doubling for the people I’m working with. 

It’s probably fair to say it’s been one membership that has had the most value in terms of the change it’s made in my day-to-day. Yael’s Email Experience membership has been a massive time saver for me and the people I work with.”

Emma Baker,



You receive a welcome email from me and an invitation to join the private Facebook Group


You take the quiz which identifies which stage of the Email Marketing Success Path.


You receive an exact prescription of the most important lessons and action steps for you.


I am confident that the strategies that you will learn in The Email Experience work – if you show up and implement what you learn. Therefore there is a no refund policy.

There is also a no lock in contract. Walk away anytime. That means if you ever need to cancel simply login and cancel your subscription or contact me at [email protected]. . 

“I needed The Email Experience so that I could use my email marketing platform to its full potential! Yael provided me with all the tools I needed, as my email subscribers list started to grow and evolve. This was particularly important to my business because I needed to create multiple lists, automations and the email content each subscriber received due to the multiple methods they could subscribe with me. This allowed me to clearly define my subscribers by automating tailored content suitable for them. I particularly love the email express packs. They are so useful, and a great little bonus! Overall, I would recommend The Email Experience to anyone who wants to work smarter not harder within the email marketing space. I found the membership to be such an amazing resource!”

Nicole Smith, Creative Mum Life


Hi, I’m Yael Keon, online marketing strategist, consultant, and creator of this program.

I have over 15 years marketing experience in both corporate and small business environments. From multi-national organisations to starting my very own consultancy.

I have a Bachelor’s of Commerce with a Double Major in Marketing & Advertising and a Masters of Business Administration (MBA). If those qualifications don’t float your boat, I’ve also spent the better part of the last 3 years studying (and testing) the latest in online marketing tactics.

My zone of genius is seeing the big picture and how all the puzzle pieces need to fit together to achieve a goal – something which I now guide small business owners through.

I’m also a whiz at all things technology. If there is a way to do something in your email marketing software, I’ll find it!




My life is full!! Not only do I run my own business but I’m also mum to 2 pre-schoolers (Imogen, 6, and Callum, 4).

I’m also a FIFO wife meaning that my husband works away 3 weeks at a time and then only has 1 week home. And with only Kindy and my mum as my support – it’s a little full on.

But that is exactly why I started my own business. It was important to us for me to not be working full time due to hubby’s already full on work schedule. But I’m also no one to stick to house and mum stuff. I’m a high achiever who loves to learn and create. So my business keeps me sane. 

That doesn’t mean I want it to take over my whole life though and email marketing enables me to be able to pre-schedule and pre-automate a lot of my marketing. When I put time into my emails, I know I will get the return on investment. I don’t need to show up every day.

I can choose when I do. And the rest of the time I can parent help at pre-school, hit the park or watch Survivor (when it finally comes back on!).

email marketing gives you the gift of time



* All the research proves it!

This is because:

Instead of fighting algorithm’s you are just inviting people to open an email.

Instead of fighting for more and more traffic you can make the most of that existing traffic by taking them on an experience – all the way to that buy button (and beyond).

Instead of pushy mass-marketing tactics you can personalise the journey and sell to them at the exact right time – and support them during the rest.


You can pre-schedule it.

You can automate it.

You can guarantee reach (no algorithm’s here).

And you put together an email in 10 minutes – once a week.


If we forget the numbers and the logic for a minute, let’s remember that email is a connected, conversational medium.

It’s an opportunity for us to get our message out there in the world – without algorithm’s censoring us.

It’s a safe place to share stories, get more vulnerable and tell our truth.

And it can be setup so that your subscriber or customer is getting the exact message they need to hear at the exact right time. Even if that is a sales invitation.


Return on Investment per $1 spent

times the engagement of Facebook

times more effective at acquiring customers than Facebook or Twitter

“OMG I now completely understand the strategy around email marketing. I am a lot clearer on the platform I use and on others within the market. This always confused me. This membership is full of content that can fast track your marketing strategy.

I now look forward to writing my business newsletter and I’m more strategic in my offers and how I sell through my email list.

Yael is very generous in all the information she offers through this course. It filled in a lot of missing links for me and because of this, I am savvier in how I market to my list. It can do the same for you.”

Tracy OMeara Smith, Silverdale Natural Therapy

how much would an extra sale a month be worth to you?

or 2 or 10 or 50?

and what would it be worth it to you to get those sales in minimal time?

Get started today!

want personalised support?

Join on an annual membership, you will receive a 30 minute 1 on 1 session with me to map out the best email strategy for you.

Valued at $347

“I needed Yael because I was at a loss with what to do with some of the basics with ActiveCampaign. I was at a point in time where I needed some handholding and didn’t have time or energy to waste on working it out for myself. Having Yael’s help meant that I could feel confident that the automated processes were working as they should and this means that I could move on to more important matters that needed my attention. I know Yael puts her heart and attention into solving problems and values being systematic and this is who I wanted on my side at a time where I didn’t have the mojo to learn a whole bunch – I needed to stay with my creativity. I completely trust Yael and know she will always find the answers. She was a joy to work with and I wouldn’t hesitate to enlist her services again.”

Lauren White,


I’ll be up front – this membership isn’t for everyone and I’d prefer you found that out now before you join rather than waste your time.

So, let’s get to it.

Who the Email Experience is for:


Small business owners who have an existing audience and want to see better results from their email list, whilst helping more people.


Small business owners who want to show up and serve but are burning out with all the admin and the hamster wheel of marketing.


Virtual assistants, copywriters and website developers who want to add more skills to their online marketing expertise and have access to a full suite of training on multiple platforms.


Small business owners who are sick of their email marketing system being a hot mess but want it to be organised and easy to use.


Coaches, consultants and freelancers who want to build trust and connection through regular, value-filled communication and create amazing onboarding experiences for their clients.


E-commerce store owners who want to stop leaking sales and start getting more repeat business.


Online course and membership creators who know the value of having an email list but prefer to sell via “pull” based email strategies and value-led marketing rather than sleazy funnels and pushy sales tactics.


Virtual assistants, copywriters and website developers who want to add more skills to their online marketing expertise and have access to a full suite of training on multiple platforms.

Who the Email Experience NOT is for:


Small businesses who are starting from scratch with no audience (Check out The List Building Starter Kit instead).


People who want to circumvent laws and mass upload people to your list. Consent is required and this is a spam free zone. Quality over quantity always!


People looking for a get rich quick solution – if you think email marketing will get you all the sales after just a couple of emails, then this isn’t the place.


People looking for 1 on 1 coaching or done for you work this is a group experience.


Those who can’t commit to do the work.


Those who don’t want to invest in their marketing but always seek the free solution rather than the one that will save them time and headache.


If you commit, so will I. I’ll be there regularly to ensure you’re creating something that will get you discovered and grow with your business.

The skill set you’ll build in this membership will never be wasted, and even if you decide to outsource your email marketing, you’ll know exactly what you should be expecting as a return on your investment and easily align email with your wider marketing and business strategies.

You might have made a start or not at all, but if you have a business, and the drive and commitment to do the work, you’ll walk away with a whole new set of tricks in your small business marketing repertoire.


I already have an email list – what can you do for me?

A lot actually! Building an email list and sending “newsletters” is only the tip of the iceberg (and bare minimum if you ask me). By layering in email automation and some clever promotional strategies not only can you start sending emails to your subscribers at the time when they are most interested or likely to buy from you but you can also start to automate your systems and processes to save yourself a heck of a lot of time.

Aren’t we getting enough emails? I’m worried about adding to the noise and being annoying.

Firstly, are you posting to social media? That is a MUCH noisier place than email which means the chances of your message being seen is significantly less. Email has 13 x the engagement of Instagram and a whopping 213 x the engagement of Facebook.

Secondly, if you are asking yourself “am I being annoying?” – you probably aren’t. Those who are really annoying really don’t think about it. But by the fact you are asking this question means you care and therefore will treat your subscribers email address with respect and only send them top notch stuff.

I don’t feel like I have anything to send

The answer here is simple. You do!

Trust me – I’ve worked with dozens of business owners who have thought that and after a few short minutes with me, I’ve had them flowing with ideas. To help you, I have heaps of content in The Email Experience to not only help you brainstorm all your ideas but also to get past the mindset blocks that often come up with this fear.

How much time will I need to invest to see results

I get it. Life is full. And truthfully, email marketing is a long term game.

Sure we can get you some quick wins (like through the Quick Sales bonus) but to see long-term results, you need to invest a little time in setting up and monitoring your automations. But, once they are done and running you’ll start seeing the literal dream of getting sales while you sleep. It can happen!

How much time will it take to go through the content

I’ll be the first to admit, there is a lot of content in the membership but this is because it caters to multiple levels.

That is why I have created a quiz to assess where you are now and to get you pointed to the exact things to focus on first.

All lessons are kept to less than 20 minutes (most sit around 10) so you can get through them in bite sized chunks while prepping dinner or folding the washing.

Then for implementation, I recommend dedicating an hour or two a week to start or 1 full day a month. Then once things are setup, it can be reduced to just a couple of hours a month.

The real power is the time I can actually SAVE you in setting things up. Forget searching for hours on Google about what to do next or how to do that thing – I give it all to you, including templates, swipe files and shortcuts. Plus if you can’t find the answer in The Email Experience, I’m just a post away in the Facebook group.

Can’t I just hire someone to set it up it for me?

For sure! In fact, I offer an implementation service with about a 3 month waitlist and a sizeable investment.

However, all clients I work with also get access to The Email Experience membership as the other content I teach about writing ongoing emails, promotional strategies, mindset and more so that you don’t just stop sending the moment it’s setup and handed over.

I can’t afford this right now

Ok, I’m not going to pressure you!

What I will say though is email marketing has the highest return on investment of any online marketing strategy. I’m talking $44 per $1 spent.

I’ll also respond with a question – how much is one extra sale worth to you? Or 10? Or 100? Would it be worth it to invest then?

Ready? Let’s do this!

My business needed an email overhaul because I’m developing new service streams and email opt-ins. I was so confused about how to deal with multiple lists and forms and I kept putting it all off. Yael solved my problem by giving me a clear plan on which email provider was going to make what I needed to do the easiest and most efficient. She also gave me a clear step by step plan on how to set up my lists and a way to sort them so sending the right information to the right people is easy. This was particularly important to my business because I serve multiple types of clients in multiple ways and resulted in a way for me to keep in touch with contacts in a meaningful way for them and me. Overall, I would recommend Yael to anyone struggling with working out how email marketing could best serve their business and found the experience to be extremely inspiring. Instead of going through the motions because its what I thought I should do, I have a plan and am excited to implement it. Highly recommend, thank you so much Yael.”

Amanda Harrington, AJ Harrington Photos