More leads = more sales. 


Email marketing is the ultimate lead generator as it helps bridge the gap of the unknown of promotions and social media and reduces that huge number of prospects down to the key people you need to be following up with.

It brings it down to simple maths.

If you know your conversion rate and you know how many subscribers you have (aka leads) then you can estimate future sales.

You can also calculate how many leads you need in order to reach your sales goal.

But how do you get more leads? There are only so many lead magnets you can build.


In this episode, I’m sharing:

  • The 3 types of leads and how they fit with email marketing
  • 6 different ways you can generate more leads using email marketing 
  • How to nurture those leads using email (& personalised outreach)

After listening you’ll hopefully have at least 1 new lead generation strategy to take away and implement today.


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