Engaging Emails

$50.00 + taxes if applicable

Write emails your subscribers want to read by understanding what makes a great email, creating open-worthy content and tactics to increase opens, clicks and conversions.



Engaging Emails is the ultimate go-to guide for sending emails that your subscribers want to read.

You’ll learn:

  • The essential emails of an open-worthy email including best practice structure and email design
  • What to send by understanding your target market and embracing your own unique style
  • How to brainstorm  a tonne of ideas, plan a years worth of email content and repurpose existing content
  • How to increase engagement – with lessons focused specifically on opens and conversions
  • Why and how to do a list cleanup
  • How to use ChatGPT for your email marketing

And get all these shortcuts:

  • A catalogue of quick and easy engagement boosters
  • An annual email content plan
  • Dozens of subject lines written for you

PLUS a full collection of guest masterclasses on topics from mindset, idea generation and copywriting.