List Revival

$50.00 + taxes if applicable

Breathe new life into your email list using this simple 4 week strategy and 4 emails done for you. Even if you haven’t emailed in a year.



Breathe new life into your email list using this simple 4-week strategy to breathe new life into your email list – whether it’s been a long time or things are just feeling a little stagnant.

How it works:

You get INSTANT access to 4 weekly missions and emails!

In each “week”, you’ll be issued a mission via video and downloadable guide. Short and strategic, you’ll be given specific tasks with all the instructions you need to make it happen.

You’ll also receive an email of the week. Which you will actually send. Yes, send. I’ll provide the scripts that you can personalise and make your own.


I’ll teach you my simple method for brainstorming a tonne of ideas plus you’ll be sending your first email which will focus on getting feedback and input from your subscribers about what they want to hear most.

 At the end of this week you’ll be feeling confident that you have a tonne of value to share with your list and you’ll be excited to start showing up more.

This week you’ll be focusing on connecting with your subscribers biggest challenges and/or desires – based off your brainstorming, customer/client knowledge and the feedback you received from your subscribers last week. This weeks email will focus on that.

 You’ll also come up with an epic value bomb gift idea to prep next week.
This week is about actions more than words. You’ll create a downloadable gift which helps solve your subscribers biggest challenge or frustration. Then you’ll send it and start getting all those clicks!

This week you’ll be generating two conversions:

1. Converting onlookers to leads (aka getting list signups)
2. Converting your subscribers to sales
 First up you’ll write a simple sales email aimed at showing how you can help them most.
 Then you’ll create a lead page for your new downloadable gift and create your welcome series (using the same 4 emails you have written as part of this program!).