Services Sales Pack

$30.00 + taxes if applicable

Learn a full range of sales tactics for your services business and how email marketing can support you with lead generation. Plus see how you can combine your CRM and your email marketing for seamless sales.

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Get a full suite of ideas for growing your service based business!

First, you’ll discover the key opportunities for selling through email marketing.

Then we’ll explore the strategies behind lead generation and sales conversion.

Next, you’ll learn how to best setup your CRM pipeline and how email marketing could support this.

And finally, you’ll get a full collection of email swipe files for a flash promo and your CRM follow ups to steal and make your own.

PLUS an in-depth tutorial on leveraging the ActiveCampaign deals module (Note – the rest of the course does not rely on ActiveCampaign so this is just an extra for AC users!).