WTF Can I send

$10.00 + taxes if applicable

Get unstuck and instead be inspired with 100s of email ideas and a simple process to plan a year of email content in 20 minutes or less.



Wouldn’t it be nice if you could…
…sit down to write your weekly email knowing exactly what you want to say and how it is helping you grow your business

…get more opens, clicks and actual thank you replies

and ask for the sale without feeling icky or spammy.

WTF can I send to my email list is all that and more.

You’ll get:

  • Some straight talk combatting some of the real reasons you aren’t sending those emails
  • A guide on how to write a years worth of emails in 20 minutes, with a workbook to help along the way
  • Over 150+ ideas through question, fill in the blank and subject line prompts
  • A detailed email content plan which covers key dates, timely emails and other email suggestions (if you just want the shortcut)

PLUS a Bonus training on How to use ChatGPT for your email marketing.