Real Small Biz Talk is a new ongoing blog series where I’ll be having quick chats with some wonderfully courageous and inspiring Small Business Owners. People who are prepared to be real, daring and vulnerable and share their journey with us all so that we can all learn together.

In the first interview, I’m so excited to introduce you to Jessie White – a mumpreneur who took the leap into business by diving straight in and creating an App! No easy feat! Jessie is FIFO fiance a mum to 2 toddlers and is based in Port Lincoln, SA. However, she’s recently been spending time in Perth where I’ve had the privilege of being introduced to her. So somewhere between spending time interstate, being mum and planning a wedding, she has launched her app “Baby Sleep Guide” and more recently her Baby Sleep Consulting Business. Talk about busy! Here’s what she had to share:


JessieWhat made you decide to take the plunge into starting your own business?

“It has always been a passion of mine to own a business, so when the idea to create the App came about I just jumped in (with a little support from family and friends of course) and didn’t look back.”

Why Baby Sleep Coaching?

“Baby/child sleep became an immediate obsession of mine after the birth of my first child. The cat napping was driving me crazy so i started reseaching everything there was to know about sleep. The more I read, the more I wanted to know, so it was inevitable that I would go onto study and get certified in the field of child sleep. The happiness (and added sleep) that I can bring to one family through a little support and guidance is enough to continue my love for this job!”

Starting off with an App is a pretty big initial investment, how did you feel confident enough to take the leap?

“To be honest I was a little naive in the beginning about exactly what was involved in the creation and launch of an App. I had the full support of my family (who would probably have backed any crazy idea of mine) and without knowing the full cost of it all in the beginning it appeared to be a great investment. Once development started there was no turning back.”

How did you get your first customers?

“Family and friends were the first to download the app and with their help they have promoted it by word of mouth. However, most of my downloads have come from my social media accounts.”

What have you found to be the most effective way to promote your business so far?

“Social media! It is just so cost effective and spreads like wildfire.”

If you could offer advice to someone just starting on their business journey, what would it be?

“To think ahead of future costs to your business or the behind the scenes costs that you may be unaware of (especially if you are looking into a business that is outside the norm eg App’s). There were a lot of hidden fee’s that were not disclosed to me by my developers. Not that it would have stopped me from going ahead but it made cash flow a little tight as there were a lot of expenses that we did not budget for. Getting advice from a business consultant in the beginning may solve this problem.”

While we have you, I would be silly not to include a question about getting our bubs to sleep. What would be your number one tip for getting our little ones to go down for naps so we can get some work done?

“Its hard to say just one tip to suit all the little ones out there so I’m going to generalise and say Environment! This is often the most overlooked.

  • Block out curtains: babies (children and adults) like a dark place to sleep day and night.
  • Temperature 18-22 degrees: heat or cool the room as needed. Dress baby in a nappy, singlet and wondersuit with a 1.0- 2.0 tog sleeping bag (for day sleeps) and the same for nights plus extra blankets (up to 3 extra layers).
  • White noise: Continuous white noise to play for every nap during the day and all night.
  • Remove any night lights, mobiles and noisy toys from the child’s room.
  • Fresh Air: Remember to air out your child’s room each day (5-15 minutes will do). Not during nap time.
  • No nasties: consider the choice of cleaning products you use in your child’s room (including washing powder for clothes and linen) and those used around the house. These harsh smells can have an impact on your baby’s ability to fall asleep.”


About Baby Sleep Guide & App

Baby Sleep Guide consulting and the Baby Sleep Guide App have been created by expert sleep consultants to give parents access to latest and most saught after professional sleep advice, no matter their geographical location. The App is a DIY version of advice for parents to navigate and implement as desired. Baby Sleep Guide consulting is 1-on-1 support with personalised sleep plans created for each child delivered by either by phone/skype or in-home.

To Learn more visit:

Or to check out the app in the App Store here.

Or to connect with Jessie you can find her on Facebook or Instagram.