Here we are – 100 episodes and almost 3 years into The Easy Email Marketing podcast! Reaching this milestone has given me a moment to pause and reflect on my business journey so far and I felt really led to speak on some of the lessons I have learnt along the way.

Inside this episode I discuss:

  • My business journey so far and the mistakes I have made along the way
  • How my ADHD diagnosis changed everything
  • Why being constantly told “it’s just around the corner” or “you have so much potential” stalled my business growth (Coaches please don’t say this to people!)
  • The 5 key things to watch out for when choosing what you want to invest in
  • Questions to ask yourself before you spend

And ultimately how self trust is the biggest thing you can build.

This is a frank, vulnerable and opinionated episode but something different I really felt needed to be said.

Here’s to another 100 episodes – I’ll be back with the email marketing goodness next time.


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