Choosing the right marketing tactics for your business can be daunting. There are 100s of choices out there and it is hard to know which one will be the perfect match for you.

So instead of my usual ramblings of ideas, I thought I would share with you some insights from my amazing community – a new regular feature I would like to have on the blog.

In this post, I asked “What marketing tactic have you found most effective for your business?” And here is what 8 different small business owners, at various stages, had to say.

As you can see there is definitely not a one size fits all approach!



Small Business owners marketing

MARTINA KRISKA – Glama Mama Maternity  “What is working for us so far is Google advertising. It is quite complex & it’s very important to choose the right keywords targeting our audience, implementing conversion tracking & constantly monitor & tweak our campaigns. It’s not cheap but it’s getting traffic to our website & increasing our sales.”



BREA WALKER – Mamma Bee “Suspending my adwords campaign and working on my SEO. Adwords was my only marketing strategy and it was costing me more than my profits”




HELEN ROGANPoppy and Daisy Designs “My best marketing tactic was a good old fashioned direct mail campaign to local shops. I sent them a hand written letter, a greetings card and a catalogue with my valentines range! I received a call thanking me for the mail out and after a meeting they have become a great client.”



NERYS THOMAS – Teeny Tiny Linen  “My most effective marketing tactic to date has been simply getting my product out there as much as possible. Through collaborations and working with other business we are stronger and the quality of our products speaks for itself.”
SHARON PEGRUM – Black Cockatoo Business “The majority of my leads and converted clients have come from Facebook. In particular from networking in Facebook groups. My strategy on Facebook is based around connecting authentically with my target market. Having a clear idea of who I resonate with and work with best has been at the core of my marketing and then getting those people to know, like and trust me. The bonus is that they are the people I already like and trust so from my side getting to know them better and having the opportunity to work with them has been professionally very fulfilling.”


“Most effective marketing to date has been face to face and word of mouth.”




JESSICA MCCARROLL – First In Breast Dressed “For me, posting the occasional sales post in a Facebook group I normally just interact in. I was in some of these groups long before I was a business. That is where most of my sales have come from.”




FAY CHAN – Budgeting 123 “Creating simple (tactile) tools in today’s age of technology & paperless (cashless) society. It’s been really missing, and these products have been a real hit in increasing my email list. I also participate in FB groups, contribute and post promotional material. I’ve only boosted posts twice and that was at the very beginning (like 2 months in & I had no idea) but I’ve never paid for advertising since.”


What I found interesting out of all of that is that while Facebook Groups came out as the clear winner towards the end, the range of tactics used varied! Also, not a single mention of social media from a profile perspective.

Of course, if I could extend this to 100 business owners the more varied the answers would be.

Hopefully, this has inspired you to think a little bit outside the box. And if you haven’t found something that suits you yet, there are plenty of other things to try.

Let’s continue the conversation, which tactic have you found most effective and why? Comment below!