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Email marketing expert – ready to help make this daunting topic simple and exciting!

speaker topics

Choose the level your audience needs!

email marketing demystified

For those new to email marketing and want to understand why it’s important, how it works and how to get started.

They’ll get a big picture overview of:

  • The stats behind why email marketing is a must have for their businesses
  • How email marketing really works
  • What to send
  • The secrets to a great email
  • Why and how to build a welcome series
  • Automation possibilities
  • The steps to take first
  • What the “best” email marketing software is for them

Can be tailored to ecommerce, services or digital products businesses. Or a combo of all 3.


email automation explained

For those who understand the basics and now want to take things up a notch using the power of automation.

They’ll learn:

  • How automation works (and why it isn’t really that hard)
  • The no. 1 automation all businesses should have
  • How to nurture your subscribers on autopilot
  • How to increase sales without running yet another promotion
  • How to show up & serve your existing customers so they come back time and time again
  • Where to get started

Can be tailored to ecommerce, services or digital products businesses. Or a combo of all 3.


launch with email

For those with courses, memberships or group programmes who want to leverage the power of email in their launches.

They’ll learn:

  • The 4 key launch phases and what to send during each
  • Why what you send between launches is just as (if not more) important than the launch emails themselves
  • The secrets to a great email
  • How often to send
  • A simple email launch plan







Yael Keon is a small business owner, tradie’s wife, mum to 2 primary schoolers and a myriad of pets. Plus netball coach to a group of 8 year olds. You could call her busy but she hates that word. Instead, let’s say she has a life full of variety and flexibility.

Over the past 8 years, Yael has established herself as Australia’s go-to email marketing expert for online business owners who are ready to increase their sales in much less time using the power of email marketing. All with a spirit of service and of providing value.

Before starting her business, Yael worked for 12 years in marketing roles at international corporations. She holds two degrees including a Bachelors of Commerce (Marketing & Advertising Double Major) and an MBA. Yael is a member of the Australian Marketing Institute.


I love chatting email marketing with almost anyone! So whether your podcast or program is big or small, please reach out!