WOO HOO!! you are well on your way to unlocking the power of email marketing….

but what if i could make it even easier for you by giving you the strategy, swipes and tutorials?

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“But how?” you said




🖊️ Grow your email list with Simple Signups

💡 Never run out of email ideas again with WTF can I send to my list?

💗 Re-engage existing subscribers with List Revival

👋🏼 Welcome and convert new subscribers with the Welcome Series Builder

🛒 Get more sales without promotions or launches Everyday Email Sales


I’ve collated everything I use to help my clients and members grow  high quality (and high converting) email lists, into a simple to use starter kit.

I’m talking…

The strategy (even if you have no idea)

The swipes (so you can steal my words)

And even the Tech Tutorials (so you know how do “do that thing” without death by Google).



inside this bundle you’ll get…

course 1: SIMPLE SIGNUPS – value $20

Grow your email list without a fancy opt in.

This is all about getting the basics setup. No need to worry about fancy opt in incentives yet. Instead, focus on the process, tech setup and pitching what amazing content your subscribers are going to receive as part of being on your list. For ecommerce, you could also consider a % off first order. The goal here is to make it quick to get a sign up form on your website that doesn’t just say “Sign up to my newsletter”.

Once you understand the strategy and the process, it’s now into the tech. Inside this program you’ll find a section full of tech tutorials on how to set up your sign up form with your software.

course 2: wtf can i send to my list? – value $10

Get unstuck and instead be inspired with 100s of email ideas and a simple process to plan a year of email content in 20 minutes or less..

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could sit down to write your weekly email knowing exactly what you want to say and how it is helping you grow your business.

And get more opens, clicks and actual thank you replies

And ask for the sale without feeling icky or spammy.

WTF can I send to my email list is all that and more.

You’ll get:

  • Some straight talk combatting some of the real reasons you aren’t sending those emails
  • A guide on how to write a years worth of emails in 20 minutes, with a workbook to help along the way
  • Over 150+ ideas through question, fill in the blank and subject line prompts
  • A detailed email content plan which covers key dates, timely emails and other email suggestions (if you just want the shortcut)

PLUS a Bonus training on How to use ChatGPT for your email marketing.

course 3: list revival – value $50

Breathe new life into your email list using this simple 4 week strategy and 4 emails done for you. Even if you haven’t emailed in a year.

In each “week”, you’ll be issued a mission via video and downloadable guide. Short and strategic, you’ll be given specific tasks with all the instructions you need to make it happen.

From idea generation to connection to sending a value bomb to conversion, I’ll guide you every step of the way.

You’ll also receive an email of the week. Which you will actually send. Yes, send. I’ll provide the scripts that you can personalise and make your own.

course 4: welcome series builder – value $20

Choose between a dedicated e-commerce edition or services & digital programs edition.

Create a converting and engaging welcome series for anytime someone joins your list via a general opt in or your lead magnet.

This course is for you if you want to nurture your newest subscribers with a goal that they take the next, easiest step to working with you.


  • Learn the secrets to an impactful welcome email and welcome series
  • Get a written-for-you collection of email swipe files you can steal and make your own
  • Build your own welcome series using a collection of ideas that take your newest subscribers from cold to boiling hot leads.
  • Get expert copywriting secrets specific to your welcome series

PLUS Tech Tutorials to show you how to setup your welcome automations and lead magnet delivery in a range of software (MailerLite, ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit and MailChimp).

    course 5: everyday email sales – value $40

    Get more sales via email – without feeling icky, sleazy or annoying. The focus here is not on big promotions or launches but the tactics you can use on a day to day basis in your email marketing.

    Everyday Email Sales is not about big promotions or launches – instead these are the strategies you can use on a day to day basis in your email marketing.


    • Learn the mindset behind sales and how to actually feel good about it
    • Understand how to get more sales via email marketing
    • Get a collection of 20 easy sales ideas that you can layer in if and when you need it
    • Learn how to increase conversions with some simple tweeks you can make to any email
    • Get sales email swipe files you can steal and make your own

    If you purchased all these courses independently, they’d set you back $140

     but in this one time offer, you get them all for only $42