This is a very special episode of Easy Email Marketing as I am giving you a sneak peek under the hood of The Email Experience and its backbone – the email marketing success path.

This is the exact 6 stages of email marketing from starting fresh to email expert.

Inside this episode I’m sharing exactly what the 6 stages are, how to identify where you are at and what you will be focusing on at each stage.

In other words, this is your step by step email marketing implementation plan.

I’m sharing all because doors to The Email Experience are open right now until Wednesday 2nd February at 8pm Perth time. You can join at

And when you do you’ll be able to take a quiz to identify the stage on the success path you are at and then given the exact instructions on what to do and how – through lesson, tech tutorials, swipe files, checklists and of course my coaching support.

So if email marketing is something you want to get started with 2022 then make sure to find out all the details at


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