Welcome back to Easy Email Marketing. 

This episode is the third in a series all about the different email marketing options out there.

I’ll be dropping one of these episodes every 2-3 weeks so you’ll still get your other email marketing inspiration but I felt it was important to include a deeper dive on each of the more popular email marketing choices. The first two email marketing options I’ve explored are ActiveCampaign and ConvertKit. Today I’m going to dive into probably the most famous one, and that’s MailChimp


If you want more guidance about what the best email marketing software is for you make sure to check out episode 5 where I broke down what criteria you should be looking at when making the choice.

I also have extra resources and a worksheet available at yaelkeon.com/software


Inside this episode I’m deep-diving into MailChimp. It’s the one that’s likely to be recommended by many inside of Facebook groups, and it’s great for beginners. But as with anything there are pros and cons and different sorts of businesses so I’m going to break that down first and then conclude with some tips about how to get the most out of it.

Go on and have a listen, even if you’re not using MailChimp. And if you’ve got any questions, don’t hesitate to ask! DM me on Instagram, or get in touch via my website.


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