Welcome back to Easy Email Marketing.

Just like I’ve set up this podcast for you with four key episodes to welcome and inform you about what to expect, this episode is about setting your subscribers up for what they can expect from you in email marketing, as well as your offer, through your welcome series.

Did you know that a welcome series has an open rate success, on average, of 70%? That’s why the emails in your welcome series are the most important emails you can send.


In a nutshell, here’s what your welcome series would look like:

  1. Welcome email with delivery & introduction
  2. Emails that help them build trust & have them feel good about you
  3. Email that answers the biggest question you get
  4. Email that combats the biggest excuse
  5. Offer & reminder of what it’s worth to them
  6. Extra bonus value

To find out why these emails, go ahead and listen to get a more indepth feel for how you can create, or update, your own welcome series.


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