It’s the dream that all the online guru’s share – create a signature program, launch it and rake in 6 figures in no time.

While I would love say that this is true, sadly it just isn’t. Not in I’d say 98% of cases.

Launching and online programs might not be the magic bullet to a multi million dollar business in a day a week.  At least not most of the time and that’s ok!

Once we take that expectation out of the picture we can instead focus on building a sustainable and realistic course or membership based business using launches.

In this episode, I’m sharing 7 different truths about launching. From current market conditions to when to expect a return on investment to how many people you need on your email list to how many emails you need to be sending.

My hope is that after listening you’ll have an honest picture of what to expect and perhaps feel a little bit better about any past “failures” you think you might have had.


If you are interested in learning more about creating a realistic launch plan using email marketing then I invite you to a special launch masterclass: Your Lucrative Launch Plan.

In this FREE, LIVE 1 hour training I’m going to show you:

– The 4 biggest launching mistakes (and what to do instead)

– How to organise your subscribers so only those most interested are getting your emails (aka reduce the “annoying” factor)

– The 3 essential stages of a launch and what emails to send, when.

Plus as a bonus gift, a free downloadable Launch Email Plan with 50+ emails you can send before, during and after your launch.


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